Friday, April 10, 2009

Beautiful Bluebonnets, Beautiful Girl

This TEXAS TRADITION never gets old!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Overflowing with Joy

Today marked a special day in my daughter's life. Her baptism. She made the choice to ask Jesus to come into her heart and forgive her of her sins. We believe that we are to follow Jesus' example of baptism by full immersion of water. The water is not special or holy in any way. The water does not "save" her. It is a symbol and a public confession of who she believes in and now follows.

Her daddy was the one to do it and that just makes my heart overflow with gratitude. The pic above is of PG (left) and her best friend at church who was also baptized today by PP. We are great friends with her family and this was a blessing for her to have wanted PP (her Children's Minister) to baptize her. It was not "planned" for them to do this together which makes it even more special that these two friends with a bond like few others (being adopted from China) now share in this memory with each other.

This was one of the sweetest moments of my life. My darling husband baptizing my precious daughter. There are no words. Thank you, God. Your blessings abound.

What a week!!!!!!!!!!

PandaGirl started her first soccer practice on Wednesday and is pretty good so far! Who knew?! ; ) Thursday was her Kindergarten school program. Friday was a late night with family visiting. Saturday was our annual church Easter egg hunt. Sunday was just...well, you saw.

Check out the air between her cleats and the ground!

BTW: these last two soccer pics are with my super-duper zoom lens from about 60 or 70 yards away!!! I love this camera!

The cutest CHICK I've ever seen.

PandaGirl was a chick along with other Kindergarten classmates in their darling Old MacDonald musical program at school. There were pigs, cows and sheep, but come on...who wants to see them, right? ; )

It's been awhile since PP brought PG and I flowers, but this week he surprised us with this beautiful bouquet of crimson red roses (my fav!!) and we LOVED them!!!

PandaPop's family had the chance to meet up with some friends they've known since PP and his sister were just little kids. Their old neighbors don't live too far away from us and decided to all gather at our home on Friday night. I enjoyed being the hostess and just listening to all their funny stories of long ago and hearing them catch up. PP's sis and the blonde girl's brother couldn't make it, but there were plenty of fun memories to keep everyone laughing about them and the rest that it felt like they were with us! (PP's parents are the two on the right).

PG and her aunt...PP's sister. They are too darn cute!

Our church's big Easter Egg Hunt was this Saturday. PandaPop was in charge of the shebang and it was awesome! Great weather and the greenest grass ever!

The next two pics of PG make me think of some rich girl walking down the streets of Rodeo Drive just shopping for kicks. LOL! ; )

Our pastor's wife (one of my FAVORITE people I've ever met!!!)blessed PG with this darling Easter S'mores baking mix. SO CUTE!!!

Overwhelmed with joy and blessing. Thank you, faithful heavenly Father.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My New Favorite

Mercy Me's single "Finally Home"....brings me to tears listening to a beautiful voice and simple, yet profound lyrics.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Cyber Gift

I do believe I have discovered my favorite blog EVER! I know nothing about this blogger except what she has on her site. BUT---what is on her site is right up my alley!! I don't even have the time right now to spend like I want to on there, but OHHHHH how I want to print off almost her entire blog! LOL! ; )

From what little I have read from her, I can gather that she is a V-E-R-Y generous and giving person. She has GOBS of great ideas, recipes and knowledge about fun computer stuff as well as one of the best scrapbook rooms I've seen (organizationally, that is) and she SHARES IT ALL as if she's getting something for it. Maybe she is. I don't know. It seems as though she has the time and just does it for fun and wants others to enjoy whatever she has enjoyed.

The "feel" I get from her is one that I'd love to have in my own life and how I believe we as Believers should act:
Who knew I'd learn a life lesson from a few little clicks of the mouse?

Hope you enjoy her goodies, too!
(Just so that you know I'm not like her, but would like to be {yuck, this really shows my icky side} I even contemplated posting about her site and linking to her because I didn't want to share all her great ideas!!!! Can you BELIEVE how awful I am?!! GAG! THAT, my friends, is why I needed a Savior. My soul is just downright selfish on my own. Praise GOD for His Son Jesus saving my soul from my wicked self!)