Sunday, March 29, 2009

You Mean Mom Was Right?

A few weeks ago PandaGirl had gotten a kit of play make-up full of nail polish, lipstick and other goodies. I didn't purchase it. She won it at a silent auction. I had no idea the stuff in the kit would be so BRIGHT.

I noticed PG playing like she was putting the lipstick on "Baby" (nobody puts Baby in the corner....sorry, I had to do that for all my 80's readers...HA!). I told her NOT to actually put the lipstick on Baby because it would ruin her material.

Somebody must have thought I was joking.

I wasn't.

Somebody put lipstick on Baby and giggled away with the fun she was having....until....PG wanted to get the lipstick OFF of Baby.

"Sorry, punkin'. Mommy told you that it wouldn't come off."

"WAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! P-L-E-A-S-E get it off of her!!!" Uh-oh.

Can you say completely heart-broken?

It's only fun till the lipstick stains. Dang---that could be the name of a book about an affair! LOL!

After PG learned her lesson quite well, I lovingly put Baby in the washing machine knowing the hot pink stuff wasn't going to come off. Once she emerged from the dryer with smudged lipstick well set in the fabric, Baby was held and loved by PG who now realized that Mommy tells the truth.....and was right. ; )

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Discovered a totally F-U-N photo editing program already existing on my computer!

Instead of spending tons of money on tickets for some kind of entertainment this week, PandaPop and I decided to invest in items and activities that would last. We spent time cleaning around the house and organizing, but when it came time to play we headed out to the park for the most amazing spring weather! We had a picnic and played around with PandaGirl and, of course, had a blast driving around in the Jeep with it's top down. LOVE THAT! I was able to get a lot done that I had hoped to and completely enjoyed wearing a different ball cap everyday from Monday until just a little bit ago! LOL!

We all three got new baseball gloves just for fun. I hadn't thrown a softball since....well, I really don't even know when. Maybe 4th grade? LOL! PandaPop and I had SO MUCH FUN just tossing the ball back and forth. Fun, but my arm was killing me!

PandaGirl will be starting soccer for the first time in a few weeks. I have the athletic talent of a sloth, but so far little miss is showing that she is a great little soccer player! She kicked two out of three goals at her Upward Soccer tryout and had great control of the ball! Who knew?! ; )

This pic cracks me up! PandaPop went to get all kinds of yard stuff so we could plant some flowers and beautify our yard. He drove up with the bag of soil nicely buckled up and I thought it was hilarious! PP has busted his tail getting our yard so pretty! It has been so amazing to be outside in the sunny, breezy, 72 degree spring weather.

PandaPop bought me this darling planter which PandaGirl helped me plant a red Gerber daisy in....I LOVE IT!!!!!! (To have perspective, the planter is about 15 inches tall from top to bottom and about 20 from the handle to the other side. VERY CUTE!)

More playing around with my awesome camera! I could spend HOURS playing with this thing!!!! Dangerous, I tell ya.

PandaGirl and I had fun making crazy rag flip-flops together. Great for her, because she is so cute in them. Great for me, because my tootsies are now cute around the house! ; )

Guess who got a new shirt? He was so pleased.

I haven't posted on The Fur in a very long time. Charlie went to live with another family back in the fall, but Hugo stayed with us. He is the most precious doggie. So sweet and VERY pretty!

Celebrated St. Patrick's Day with some home-made cinnamon/sugar shamrocks.

This was the best Spring Break I think I have ever had!! I appreciated the much needed break more than any other time in my life.

Thank you, Lord, for the FABULOUS weather, time with my family, and the restful, productive respite.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back Before Lent!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I am on Spring Break and feel like a NEW WOMAN!!!!!!!!

I can't even explain how GLORIOUS it is to have a clean house and a bit of time to do what I want, play with PandaGirl and PandaPop, make real home-made meals, do some shopping, actually get to go outside and enjoy the fabulous spring weather, stay up late and not worry about work for one whole week! Oh sweet Jesus, THANK YOU FOR THE BREAK!!!!!

I am coming back from the Lent hiatus because I don't really celebrate Lent and I haven't "prayed" every time I have thought about the computer. Apparently from the comments on the Lent post I offended a couple of readers. I am truly sorry about that. I never meant to step on your toes. My understanding of the freedom we have in Christ, according to the New Testament, is that He'd rather our hearts be fully devoted to Him ALL year not just for a season. Thanks for your input, though. It made me be aware of how I stated things. We Believers are all in this together and don't need to have division among the flock. Again, sorry.

Now, for blogging. Being off for awhile has made me VERY aware of how much time it takes up. Too much...period. Honestly, I haven't missed that nagging pulling feeling that lures me to clickety, click, click until my eyes hurt from viewing blogs. I have missed seeing pics and reading updates on my friends that live away from me, though. This computer is my only real link to my BFF across the Pond and I need her. I need to see her and her family and I know she misses me, too. There are several blogs I could name of whom I have missed terribly. I just have to keep my computer time in check and not let it overrun my time again. I'll be back later this week with a few pics over the last couple of weeks.