Thursday, February 12, 2009

What In the World?

UPDATE: Click here to read the story that ended our adoption journey. If the link doesn't work then just go to November 30, 2009.

Yes. It's true.

I'm crazy. I'm fickle. I have many blonde moments throughout the day. I don't know which end is up. I've lost my mind and...I've come up with yet another blog.

For three months I tried to be Miss Scarlett on Kaleidoscope. I had the hardest time typing Rainbow Brite instead of PandaGirl and Mister Green just sounds silly. The whole reason for making that blog was due to our pursuing an adoption from Haiti, thus a blog about colors coming together in beauty. Now that THAT door has been closed I just feel weird still hanging out over there. I have missed typing PandaMom. That's WHO I am in The Blogosphere. But, we don't know what the Lord is going to do about adoption. Will we be a family of three or is another child waiting for us somewhere? Hence, the reason for merging the two.

Pandapalooza plus Kaleidoscope.



Cute, confusing, certainly unique.

Thanks for following along...and for changing your link to us!!! ; )

Here is a little something I came up with to describe my family...

Once upon a time there was a cute couple in love.
They married in '92 with Blessing from above.

Setting out to capture their young love dreams
they discovered life is not what it seems.

The plans they'd secured in their joyful heart
slowly began falling apart.

Not with each other--for their love was strong,
but they noticed some things were terribly wrong.

Their eyes were opened to the dark skies they were under
and quickly sought shelter from the lightning and thunder.

The Lord had different plans than they'd made.
His were the best and theirs had to fade.

Part of the journey God knew from the start
would eventually take a piece of their heart.

For a baby to love was part of their plans;
they had no idea what was waiting in His hands.

Their dream of a baby to have and to hold
would not come true--or so they were told.

So many questions tossed to and fro--
Why would this happen? They wanted to know.

Lots of frustration and buckets of tears
were shed by both for more than eight years.

Then one day the Lord's plan He revealed
and all of a sudden it was all so surreal.

'Cross the ocean they soared on a plane contemplating
while in a far eastern town their daughter was waiting

To join the couple who'd prayed for her--
their long curious wait now just a blur.

Suddenly now the two became three
and all were ready for this new journey.

The bride and the groom and the baby so sweet
flew from China to Texas and now were complete.

Their home, of course, has bits of strife
and joys galore: all part of this life.

God has faithfully blessed this family so deep--
but is there more room in their little black Jeep?

For one more child to call their own,
they seek the Lord's heart at the foot of His throne.

No matter the answer He chooses to give,
this family of three has a great life to live.

The most prominent sound from them is laughter.
For they know they will live happily ever after.


  1. You know I'll track you down! This is gorgeous! well however you spell it! I love it! Miss scarlett always sounded, not like you!
    I love what you wrote above here. You guys are really amazing & people like me, look at you like wow! They are really blessed!

  2. Girl, you need to make up your MIND! ;)

  3. Found you. Now I have to update my reader...AGAIN!

    Just kidding. I love the new place! :)

  4. I'll continue to follow and support you. I'm loving the new look ONCE AGAIN. Hugs.

  5. I LOVE the new blog. I like PM, PP, and PG better. I am sorry the adoption thing has fallen through again. ;( It stinks that our plans are not always the same as God's, but I guess he does know what is best. ;)

  6. stumbled across this blog and am delighted that I did. You are a beautiful family. My daughter recently adopted from China and it is fun to follow others with similar stories.
    Are you really from Iowa? I am from southeast Iowa.

  7. Follow you where ever! Love ya bunches!

  8. Changing your link in my reader right after I make this comment - love keeping up with you and your precious family.

    Continuing to pray for you - God's ways at times seem mysterious to us but we ALL know that they are the best for us. I always think, "When I get to heaven, I'm gonna ask God this, and that, and this......" But you know, by then it really won't matter!

    Your poem is a real testimony to your trust in God.

  9. We love your Pandagirl and the new blog. I'm sorry the Haiti door has closed. I hope you are comforted and at peace.

  10. Hi Ho, Hi's off to work I go...hahaha trying to find you WOW...ha ha (mercy, it is sort of like trying to chase a 'red salmon swimming upstream to spawn'...which way did she go, which way did she go? ha ha

    Just kidn. Awesome poem, so proud of you---see I told you... 'you HAD IT'. BEAUTIFUL, truthful and perfected! Keep it up. The new blog is cute and yep, I'm like most of the others....Pandamom/pop/girl fits better!!!

  11. Also...great blog colors for a


    Be Happy....Be Safe....Be Blessed!

  12. Welcome back PandaMom!

    God has a great journey planned for you, whether if it's just PandaGirl or more children. Open the door God has created for you guys & you will be blessed beyond your imagination!

  13. Your poem made me cry. Here at work. I love you.


  14. Love the new blog, and I certainly understand your helicopter ride!! We have gone from the babies room to the craft room to the play room to the guest room and now it is going to be the storage room(ok maybe not my best idea!!) Love you

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  16. Love the new look! You will always be the Panda Family to us!

  17. Happy Valentines' Day!! I love the new look and blog!!

  18. Of course I'd follow you to your new blog! I'd follow you anywhere in the blogosphere except off a cliff. Then I'd have to say you are insane or maybe that's me. ;)

  19. "Wherever you go, I will go. Your people will be my people..." You know the rest.

    I still love journeying with you best.

    Did you tell me you have read Sisterchicks? I read my first one...that's us, isn't it?

  20. huh? - maybe if you spell it pheonetically for me!!!

  21. Happy Valentines Day! I just went back and read your last post on last blog.. I am sorry you guys have been through so much & you really have.. We all go thru crap, opposites, the same, whatever it is- its always severe to the ones its happening to. Just nice to know when people care enough to continue walking along side you thru the journey. You have a ton who are there for you guys- what a blessing.

  22. Hugging you from the Northland!! I'm always just a phone call away. (soon to be a Georgia number though). Wishing I could be there to have a Mocha with you!!!

    Love you my "Southern Sister"

  23. I can relate in so many ways. I love you and I love the new blog. You know I'll follow you wherever you go!! Now, if only I can figure out how to make a cute new blog. Did you do it yourself or pay for someone else to do it??

  24. Hi Cuteness! I am still praying that God makes it very clear His plan for your family.

    Much love and prayers!