Sunday, March 29, 2009

You Mean Mom Was Right?

A few weeks ago PandaGirl had gotten a kit of play make-up full of nail polish, lipstick and other goodies. I didn't purchase it. She won it at a silent auction. I had no idea the stuff in the kit would be so BRIGHT.

I noticed PG playing like she was putting the lipstick on "Baby" (nobody puts Baby in the corner....sorry, I had to do that for all my 80's readers...HA!). I told her NOT to actually put the lipstick on Baby because it would ruin her material.

Somebody must have thought I was joking.

I wasn't.

Somebody put lipstick on Baby and giggled away with the fun she was having....until....PG wanted to get the lipstick OFF of Baby.

"Sorry, punkin'. Mommy told you that it wouldn't come off."

"WAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! P-L-E-A-S-E get it off of her!!!" Uh-oh.

Can you say completely heart-broken?

It's only fun till the lipstick stains. Dang---that could be the name of a book about an affair! LOL!

After PG learned her lesson quite well, I lovingly put Baby in the washing machine knowing the hot pink stuff wasn't going to come off. Once she emerged from the dryer with smudged lipstick well set in the fabric, Baby was held and loved by PG who now realized that Mommy tells the truth.....and was right. ; )


  1. I'm loving your future book title. I can already see millions behind the deal to turn it into a movie (hee hee). Poor baby. Poor PG. Yep. Mom is always right. Have a great week ahead.

  2. The stains will be a fond memory of a lesson learned!

  3. Those can be hard lessons to learn, for both mom and child. We don't want them to be sad and upset, which is why we tell them not to do it! Funny how that works. Glad to see that "baby" still get love from PG.

  4. Awwwww... those lessons are tough! Now baby is customized!

  5. She still looks cute. And by the way Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies. The lessons they have to learn sometimes are really hard. Mason realized last night that you can not get the hampster out with Copper(our weiner dog) right there. It only takes one bite on the finger, the hampster jumping out of your hands and one chomp from Copper and the hampster is in heaven! LOL It was pretty sad, the second one Copper has done this to, poor McKade, it was his hampster. I took him this morning to get another one though. ;) All is better here.

  6. Well, at least it's a great shade of pink and I think it really enhances baby's lips. Maybe a little lip liner would be called for.

  7. Oh my. I better put our makeup case away. S.G. got hers for Christmas. I still don't think S.G. has learned that Mommy knows best. :)

  8. Imagine that. Moms that tell the truth? Go figure.