Friday, May 1, 2009

To Be Funny or To Be Freaked?....That Is The Question

First, I must say I have seriously prayed for this S*wine**Fl*u to be contained and that NO MORE people die from it.

However, where I live there are some quick judgments being made as precautions. Good to be prepared.

I'm not in a frenzied state of mind, but there is a "buzz" around here that has people kinda acting crazy!! Our ridiculously HUGE school district let us know about 20 minutes before school was out today that we won't have school ALL NEXT WEEK due to scrubbing the schools down in hopes of eradicating ANY trace of the nasty virus that has our country and world running around like chickens with their heads cut off. No offense to any other barn yard animal not included in the recent days.

Be wise. Wash your hands. Don't cough in people's faces. Go to the doctor if you have flu-like symptoms. Trust God and don't panic. He is always in control.


  1. Enjoy your week home. I can't wait to see what fun you have. We've been battling chicken pox (yes...Josie had the vaccine but managed to get it anyways). We've had loads of fun during our lock-down. Hugs!!

  2. You are not kidding, people are acting crazy! Our school distict wants are kids to bring there own bottle of hand santitizer if we can. You are joking right???? You hit the nail on the head though, TRUST GOD!!!!!
    Have a great week off!

  3. No kidding- this has gotten on my nerves- 30,000 people die a year in our country of the regular flu- come on..... Though I have to say- "somethings going on"... I had to come ack and say- my captcha word was just methyl Dr. how funny...

  4. Wise words...enjoy the week off. :) Love ya! Got a BS for you and PG to do together. Just got it in the mail...will email a.s.a.I can.