Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Living with Two

I am so sorry that it has taken so long to post!!!

Life with two is certainly different, but I wouldn't change it at all!  PandaGirl is adjusting to being a big sister and not being jealous of everything about PandaJOY.  PJ is really doing well with adjusting to her new little life as well.  Being the mom of a two year old at age 40 is tough, but I also find myself SOOOOO much more laid back and having fun with it.

The two girls' personalities are different and they each seem to fill in the gap where the other one lacks.   I've always heard parents say things like this, but now I get it.

It is tough trying to blog along with regular life duties and the very needy little PJ at my feet or in my arms all day long.  Please hang around for when I can blog more!!!  Always check out my 365 blog for daily pics in the life of the PandaFamily!!

Blessings to you!


  1. I'm happy to read that your household is adjusting/transitioning well to being a family of four. I can relate to being a parent of a younger child while being in my 40s. It's easier this time around, even if the knees & back aren't quite the same. HUGS!

  2. Whew...I'm just glad you have ALL THIS!!! ;-) It is truly answered prayer for you, as my child, to have the JOY that YOU brought to me as a little a an adult!
    There are many different Kinds of love and EACH is God gift (of Himself)....but this kind of LOVE is unspeakable/inexplainable...and most importantly... the perfect reflection of God Himself. Unconditional LOVE
    ...those innocent/clinging little fluffy hands that melt your heart away, ....those adoring little eyes that look at you with Trust and a Love that ONLY God can place inside "those tiny little dots" on that delicate little face of purity.
    ...the 'pattering sound' of those little pudgy feet and toes rapidly moving about beneath you.... and most of all that UNFORGETABLE little VOICE...
    The voice...that squeals out in JOY...those little cries of fear...the weeping tears of 'hold me Mommy" "Please, please, please Mommy, I need you"
    ...even those pouty little lips of anger/confusion...
    and sweetest of all...the whisper that says "Mommy, I love the way you smell". That is God's most precious gift to a "MOM".
    How do I know? I LIVED IT..... ;-}

  3. Don't even apologize! This is what you have been waiting for all these years, and the blog will wait while you have the joy of collecting lots of topics for when you have time to get them down ;) It's SO fun to see the differences in kids!