Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Saturday Just Came & Went


I can't believe that, as much as I love to blog and posts pics, that I am JUST now getting around to posting about my own 40th Birthday!

I have now joined the ranks of full-fledged.....drumroll.....ADULT.

To a child, I am a real live grown-up. To a teen, I'm like a mom. To someone in their 20's I'm just plain.....old. To those in their 30's I'm like a big sister. To those who are around my age...we just stare at each other in disbelief that we aren't 20 anymore. To those older than me I'm still a little kid to them, but they've lived long enough to know that I am truly a grown-up now and have no intention of letting me forget it.

I even feel different. Not that I felt it overnight from Friday to Saturday like magic, but over the course of the last year I have felt it day by day physically, spiritually and emotionally. Just different than before. I have adored all my birthdays and thought somehow the Big 4-OH would be some huge shebang, but it wasn't.

No fireworks.

Not a ton of cards in the mail.

No party.

If not for Face*Book I'm not sure if anyone would have remembered. (That was SUPER fun to get like a gazillion birthday wishes on there!!!)

I am NOT having a pity-party. Trust me. I am so blessed I can't even believe it. I am just realizing that everybody moves on and has a life and my birthday, be it the fortieth one or not, is just not high on the priority list of things to do. And I was totally OK with. Well, maybe not totally.

I told PandaPop to NOT do anything over-the-top because my big gift is to be my trip to New York City with my friend and I know I will want some bucks for that little adventure. However, the wonderful trip we want to take in the NYC...{{{swoon}}}....will now be in the spring. Details just didn't work out for a lovely fall trip. We will celebrate our 40th birthdays when I'm 40 and a half. I'm OK with that. The trip is free. No complaints here.

I had a great weekend with family and our new puppy dog who is at this very moment attached to my feet. Where he stays. So sweet. Oh!---and he stopped barking his ever-lovin' head off. Whoop!

I have had a pretty great first 40 years of life with joys, bumps, bruises and blessings beyond measure. Here's to the next 40+ to be filled with the Grace of God.

Happy 40th Birthday, to ME!


  1. Happy "belated" 40th young thing!! My hubby had his 42nd on Monday and requested pie instead of cake. NYC will be so much fun. Be sure to visit Century's near China town. It's the "best" Designer Discount Department Store on this planet!!!

  2. I'm from New York and I've got to tell you, there's nothing better than Manhattan in the spring! It's the perfect time to go!

    Happy Birthday! :-)

  3. Surely this is JUST CREATIVE WRITING. We will try to keep this in mind for future. lol