Wednesday, September 1, 2010

He Came From a Land Down Under


Have you ever gone to the store for one thing and came out with another?

Of course you have unless you faithfully follow a list on every. single. trip. you make.

Clearly, we have issues with sticking to a list.

After going to a Home & Garden show last Saturday just to get ideas for our house, we ended up "adopting"....term used loosely...this adorable 4 month old Australian Cattle Dog.
( I hate that the only word for adopting a pet is "adopting". Doesn't really hold great meaning to it when my "adopted" daughter is hearing everyone at the Humane Society table talking about adopting the dog. Really? Makes her equate her own adoption with that of an animal. Maybe I'll start a new word for adopting animals so that the word isn't associated with children and animals so interchangeably.)

Did you catch the word up in the collage: deaf?

Yes, this sweet little guy is totally deaf. As in hears NOTHING.

His gorgeous blue eyes just sucked us three right in and lo & behold, before we knew it we had done the papers and were taking him home. He has some kind of mutated gene that makes him white, ice blue eyes and deaf. Believe me, the real Aussie cattle dogs are, pardon me....butt ugly and I'd NEVER own one.


What the heck are we going to do with a the house...who can't hear a blessed thing?

I certainly had buyer's remorse on late Saturday afternoon, but as of today I have fallen in love with this silent partner.

Let's rephrase that. He is silent at all times until he is put in his kennel and we leave the room.


Poor thing is gonna loose his vocal folds and then be a mute. Oh wouldn't that be nice? A dog that is deaf AND mute. Just sits around looking cute all day.

He follows me (us) EVERYwhere and is a great little lover-dog. So sweet and innocent. If he isn't looking straight at us, then we can forget trying to communicate. I just bought him two cute little metal tags today so that they'd "tink-tink-clink" on each other so we'd know where he is. We LOVE that he is so mellow and lays right on top of us wherever we are sitting. So cute!

We named him Rookie because we are ALL new at this training-a-deaf-dog-thing.

Our cat, Miao is not too thrilled, but he'll come around.


  1. I'm soooo not going to show this post to Emma. She's been begging for a dog for weeks. He's precious. Just precious.

  2. I'm in love with him and the picture of you all taking care of that sweet little puppy, and I haven't even met him yet!

    Can't wait to hear more about this new adventure!!

  3. aaawww, sweet, sweet, Australian PANDADOGGIE, Master Rookie, or is that 'the Rookies Master? ha ha You being the real rookies here...he is obviously happy 'being himself'. ha ha
    very neat, totally a heart tugger!

  4. He is totally adorable! I love him! My dog has half blue/half brown eyes (like a circle with a line down the middle--blue on one side, brown on the other) but not deaf. You'll have to learn ya some hand signals.

  5. He is adorable. LOVE the picture of him looking up at you hoping for scraps...and the one sleeping with PP..and, well, you get the picture!

    I know that not having "adopted" my kids I don't have the same definition as you do, but I still think it's a beautiful word. Regardless of how Webster defines it, to me, it means, "Mine.No returns." It makes me think of the stamp that says,"Paid in Full." What a beautiful thing that is to see stamped across some huge bill...but even more across my heart. It might as well say "adopted." It's a beautiful thing you've done for Rookie. He may not fully understand it, but you do...and you are the one that Father is teaching lessons to. Do you know what I mean? Every time you look at that imperfect dog...knowing you adopted him into your heart and home regardless of his worth to others...let him remind you of the family you are adopted into. We all are kindred in that term. We are adopted by the King of Kings and NONE of us deserves it.

  6. He is a pretty dog. I agree with you on using adoption for pets. G tries to ask when I adopted our animals and I have to stop and say, "I adopted you. I don't adopt animals. Adoption is for people. Purchase or better yet "free" is for animals!!" Drives me crazy!

  7. I had a suspicion when I saw a truck in front of your house this week.....So fun!!! We almost adopted an Sheltie with the same coloring (deaf as well). He will be so in tune with y'all.....enjoy!!!!


  8. Ps. Being an adopted child I actually loved going to "adopt" our family dogs growing up. Reading their stories and giving them a home their "first mom" couldn't helped me identify in some strange way with my own story (and lack of information.). Especially when someone loves them enough to find them a new home (which was how I viewed my adoption as kid)

    Just my two cents :)

  9. Hey girly!
    I have a new blog so come over and check me out. YOu will have to delete "A GIRLY WORLD" and replace it with my new blog on your bloglist.
    Okay, we are so kindred spirits. I bought that exact key chain in your previous post. LOL!
    Love you girly!