Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Break

Instead of contemplating some new blog post every time I update my 365 pics and then coming up with nothing of any substance I've decided to take a summer break from my Pandaleidoscope blog until SEPTEMBER.  I am just so sick that I can't post any pics of PandaJOY.  She is so much of our life right now.

I don't think I told you that last week the birth father did indeed chose to APPEAL the termination trial's verdict.  That means that he just prolonged the ability for us to adopt.  Our hope was to be done with this thing and move on in September, but now it could be around there or it could be a year.  It all depends on the appeals' court judge and if he/she deems it worthy to move on to an appeals court or if it is a bunch of schmuck. It was disappointing, but we've been fought the entire way through our journey to child number two.  For crying out loud, we've been trying for number two for seven years. Of course, he was going to appeal.  Nothing worthy comes easy. Usually.

I am also working through some personal issues and watching my God making me into a new creation.  The one I am supposed to be. The one He created me to be.

I want to spread it all out on here, but some things just need to be kept out of the blogosphere or at least until the right time.

For now, we are moving on through our fun summer activities with the children's ministry, disciplining and loving two beautiful girls, loving and tolerating that deaf doggie, trying some new things, waiting for the day this summer that my in-laws' fabulous retirement dream home is ready, celebrating PJ's and PP's birthdays, celebrating 19 years of marriage to my best friend, trying to eat healthier, working through the fun list of To Do's with PG and PJ, planning for fun photo shoots in the fall, looking forward to seeing Journey*, Foreigner* and Night Ranger* in September with some of our best friends who are also in their 40's (along with all the other forty-somethings that will be there....LOL!!!!) and spending time together as our precious foursome continues to grow closer together.

Lots going on, but just no motivation to post about them daily.

Love to you all and I hope you have a blessed summer as well.

I'll keep up the 365, but otherwise see you in September!!


  1. We have listed you as one of our Featured Married to the Ministry Blogs at The Preacher's Wife! Looking forward to getting to know you :)

  2. I'm getting caught up after being unplugged for a week. I'm sooooo sorry to read that the birth father chose to appeal the termination trial's verdict. Enough already!!! Please know that I'm here for you.

  3. I'm an adoptive momma and adoptive momma-to-be, so my heart goes out to you. Hope your break from blogging brings refreshment.

  4. Oh friend... if only we could just sit and have iced tea together and talk face to face about life... gosh I would LOVE that! I bet we are both going through some relateable God moments right now... Much love your way...