Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Disco Darling!

Friday and Saturday night my sweet and honkin' FUNNY PandaPop co-hosted with our pastor our church's dinner theater which is used to raise money for our youth choir tour/mission trip in the summer. The theme moved along the different styles of music through the decades. In between each decade PP would change clothes to match the fashion of the era for 50's-90's. He is sooooo funny and I adore watching him on stage!

PandaGirl ended up staying with me at the back table instead of going into childcare since she is still recovering from that nasty old flu bug. I popped in Mulan II in a mini-DVD player with headphones and she was happy as a lark.

Our sweet friend snapped our new pic below and I LOVE IT!!

We also had a fabulous day in worship this morning with the addition of our new Worship Minister. He is just the right fit for our church and I couldn't be any more excited about him and his family joining us!!! Lots of awesome God-things to come, I'm sure!


  1. Speaking of "get out of the 80's" hum... Looks like we are just being saturated by retro these days by the looks of the dinner theatre! Pandapop looks awesome -what a blast! Hope little pandagirl is much better. Lovin that cute cap you got goin on! I personally don't like them- but you are one of those people that pull it off most adorably!

  2. Panda Pop looks "Afro-licious"!! :0) Hugs to PG. Love the new picture.

  3. Cute new layout AND pic!

    Seems like y'all got a new worship pastor quickly! That's great!

  4. Here you are my friend.....I will change your blog addy in my side the family picture of the 3 of you....and I don't believe the door is shut for fact I think I still see a crack....a small light shining through that God will show you when the time is right.....look at the age spread in my family....Emmie is 14....Sophia is 4 1/2.....God has a plan.....hang in there sweet friend....LOVE YOU!!!!

    I am also doing The Story Of You web site when we's going to be different then the blog....more like a personal journey to Andrew, but at least you can see us in China. I don't know why my site makes you crash....unless you have a MAC.....for some reason they won't stay on my blog....