Monday, June 29, 2009

A Girl Can Change Her Mind, Ya Know

There has to be a retraction made about my "current favorites" post from several days ago. Let's see....let me just start with the glorious Ped-Egg.

Apparently the package warnings and the friends who told me to "be careful" weren't fibbing about not removing too much of the nasty dead, hard, callused skin on my feet at one time. I have found out the hard way that I need to refine my Ped-Egging skills so that my heels don't have GAPING WOUNDS ON THEM! ouch.

Next, my nails au natur-al. For eight months I had fabulously natural nails that I kept at "just" the right length with a delicate light pink sheer strawberry polish. Felt so green. Well, something happened and my wonderful nails started peeling, not chipping, PEELING. For several weeks I tried my Miracle-Gro-For-Nails hoping the lovely natural tips would come back and be beautiful just like that previous months, BUT I got sick of the peels and begrudgingly went back to my fakes. Know what? LOVE THEM AGAIN! Just call me Fickle Franny.

And, last, but certainly not least is my favorite switcheroo of all. The razor. For Miss Nanny-goat. That little discovery was made in one night and posted about the next. My judgment was a wee bit premature. Let's just say that the fancy razor with the little strip of aqua conditioning goo doesn't go well with my already sensitive skin. Can you say "break-out"? I think I'll use the fancy-schmancy razor for my brillo-pad legs and use just a plain old blade to rid myself of the gotee and mustache.

Isn't being a girl so much fun!!?? ; )

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  1. Hey girl. I am moving to a new blog. Closing my current one. Would love to have you follow the new one. Thanks.