Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tick Tock--Tick Tock!

It's ALMOST OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have followed me ANY this year, you know that me and working full-time have NOT worked very well. There have been many blessings, but WHEW--the toll it's taken on me has been...I'll save that for another post in a couple of weeks. For now, I'll just post a few things for a quick catch up and will post more in a few days. Tons to do to finish up the school year.

I so wanted to do a post yesterday about how it was 20 years ago that I graduated from high school: June 1, 1989. Well, that just came and went and I didn't even get to post about it. Guess, I'll save those pics and wonderful words for a later post, too. So, until I have more time...

I was blessed to be a sponsor on PandaGirl's end of year field trip to the zoo at the end of May. We have a FABULOUS zoo near and we were only there with about 100 other school buses. ; )

PG's school mascot is the tigers so how appropriate that when all the other animals at the zoo were hot and tired choosing to sleep out of sight, that these GORGEOUS tigers awake, stretch and proceed to put on a show for all of us spectators. There were six huge tigers showing off their stripes for us. I couldn't help but think about Alex from Madagascar doing his "thing" for the crowd and if the tigers were doing what they were doing all the while talking about us humans once we left. LOL!

PG chose this shockingly bright colored ice cream at the zoo along with her friends. Who knew it would turn her poop ROYAL BLUE??????? Seriously! She comes running into to the other room to find me and is yelling, "MOM! My poo is BLUE!" I go and look to just to make sure she hasn't lost her mind and sure enough....Royal Blue Poo. I gave it the Royal Flush after a good laugh....and, of course after calling PandaPop upstairs to stare at the Blue Poo, too.

I sent these beautiful flowers to my mom in the hospital who had double knee replacement surgery a couple of weeks ago. I stayed with her over the Memorial Day weekend. As soon as I got home (two hours away) I ordered some PINK to brighten up the awful hospital room. She just got home today and is doing great. Hard road, but she is a trooper and is making wonderful progress.

Our church hosted a Pajama Party last weekend for moms and daughters in the preschool/kindergarten department. We had a blast with our friends and were so darn precious in our matching outfits! I'm not really bragging to be ugly, it's just that when something comes together so perfectly---I just have to shout it out! PandaGirl's favorite thing this year has been the D*isney F*airies with Silver Mist, the water fairy being her favorite. How perfect are these with Silver Mist (representing PG) and T*inker Bell (representing me)?!!?

Even if I do say so myself, I think PG and I are just the CUTEST in our matching PJs!!! I found these PJ tops on clearance at Wal**Mart for just about nothin', got us some matching hot pink bottoms, made ourselves some totally precious hot pink flip flops with ribbons (one which had the D*isney F*airies!) and did our hair up in the sassiest pink bows. LOVE< LOVE< LOVE< this!!!

Mine and PandaGirl's bed seemed to be the center of attention. I don't know why. Maybe because it was the largest bed in the entire fellowship center standing at least two feet off the ground and covered in blankets and several pillows??? LOL! I was told we were like The Princess & the Pea. Hey, after 17 years of ministry with PandaPop, we learned a LONG time ago that you do not have to "sleep"...term used loosely...on the hard floor at retreats, camps and such. You learn to take things to avoid complete stiffness in all joints from a tiring night of trying to find some way to comfort your old bones on the floor. Air mattresses are our friend.

PG and I made our darling pillow cases the night before our party with fabric markers. It was so much fun and I LOVE them!

At 7:30AM on a Saturday morning after a week with little sleep...even food takes on a new look. ; )

I am sooooo looking forward to blogging regularly again and visiting old cyber-friends!!!


  1. y'all are SO cute in your pjs! what fun!
    My boy's poop was blue just the other day after too much blue icing on a friend's birthday cake! :) So funny!

    Happy summer!!

  2. Friend, you are an awesome mom! I wish I were your daughter! The pics are precious! Missing my stas. life today. We've been praying for you this last week. Hang in there.

  3. Lovely pictures and your PJs are darling. I think I need to find some matching PJs for our annual cottage vacation. I'm glad to nearly have you back again. Hugs.

  4. I just LOVE all that you do with PG! So fun! My little princess and I love to do fun stuff together, too. Just doesn't ever look as "together" as yours does, lol! I know you are happy school is out! enjoy your summer! We love you guys!

  5. Ok, so you gotta watch out for those "holiday" cookies that pilsbury puts out. If you get the colored ones, they turn your pooh colors as well. Secondly, you look FABULOUS!! The p.j. picture is adorable, and you look GREAT!! Girl, do a weight loss post. I have got to get my booty back on the treadmill. Ugh!!

  6. Beautiful mom and daughter! Love the sweet pics. Enjoy your summer!