Friday, June 19, 2009

Sweet Podiatry!!

Oh where have you been all my life Ped*Egg???

My heels have never been prettier and I have no idea why I am just now jumping on the "get-rid-of-the-funky-calluses" band wagon.

I have purchased a life-time ticket.

Here are a few more of my current favorites. I haven't done a post like this in a long time. Maybe you like some of these, too or maybe I'm introducing you to some new passion for life that you just can't live without. Either way, this information is useless and takes no brain cells....just the kind of thing I need right at this moment. ; )

I don't think I'd be able to work-out as faithfully as I do without my Purple Princess.

I don't care if they have disguised yuckie old prunes as a hip new snack. These dark chocolate covered treats have to be the best thing we've discovered in our life-time. No, really. We buy four bags a week. (They are the cheapest at Wal**Mart.)

My lovely-girly-razor for my lovely-pushing-40-gotee.

Don't laugh.

No husband wants a nanny-goat for a wife. ; )

Amazing flat iron that my stylist got for me at cost this year.

Do I really need one more food item to be tempted to eat....the whole pan...with a big glass of milk? Words do no justice for this little combo. MMMMM.

I'm loving the digital scrapbooking stuff, but I have to use up all my gobs of hands-on scrapcrap....I mean supplies that are stuffed in bags!

The picture speaks for itself on this little baby.

Generic Value Products: the knock-off brand of Paul Mitchell's stuff. Love the Super Skinny*Serum.

Hmmmm....not really going to elaborate on this one too much right now. Just suffice it to say we have several of these little guys waiting around our house. ; )

I have worn fake nails for many years. Hated having to re-do them all the time. This past year I forsook my old acrylics and grew my own with this awesome stuff!

Just saw this movie the other day. Beautiful artwork and a wonderful lesson taught.

The Batman is all around our house! PandaPop's 40th birthday is at the end of July and his favorite superhero has always been Batman so we are having so much fun getting ready for a party!

Now don't you feel more complete adding my fickle favs to your mind? Have a great weekend!! ; )


  1. I feel much better knowing youf fav's. LOL We do have the same camera and I love mine as well even though I haven't sat down with it and figured everthing out. We need to try and get together one weekend this summer, miss you guys. Also, check out my blog I changed a few things!

  2. Are you kidding? Totally been missing your Favs...about the only way I can keep up these days.

    sidenote regarding the comic info...Are you really going to keep me in the dark with everyone else? I KNOW somethings...but not enough to satiate my curiosity! Come on friend! Throw me a bone!!!

    Love you!

  3. I LOVE fave posts! I am also in love with my Ped Egg. Not in love with emptying it - that makes me want to gag - but it does work wonders!


  4. Matthew and PP need to get together and rehash every Batman movie and so would save me the headache. :) Actually I love Batman too. And Mitchell loves anything having to do with Bat-Bat.

    Did I tell you I got a super cool new camera??