Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday, PandaGirl!!!

Today is PG's 7th Birthday. She is so excited that I told her,

"NO SCHOOL on your birthday!!"

You'd have thought I'd given her the world! LOL! The pic above is after two days of being home from China. We were VERY jet-lagged and have little memory of this trip we took to visit family a couple of hours away from our home, but PG still looks so darn adorable!

Little Miss had been home with us for about a month when we went to interview at a new church for a PandaPop to be the children's minister there. While in the hotel PG decided it would be fun to pull out ALL the tissues and toilet paper off the roll. We loved it!
This is one of my favorite pics of all time! Yes, we started her quite early on Starbucks. Hey, we had to get her to like us, right? ; ) She loves coffee to this day and will probably get some for her special day today. She'd been home about four months here.

Home for about six months. This pucker-lip was something that she did often and this is the only time I captured it on camera. She would do it at random times for no reason and totally crack us up!
God was so gracious to give me a daughter whose birthday is in October/Fall....my most favorite time of the year!

Another favorite of mine is this cute pic of me and PG at the Ft. Worth Stockyards on a cold November day. We'd just eaten B-B-Q (a Texas staple!!) and it was the first really cold spell we had had that year. Just a special day. We ended up taking a really cute pic of the three of us there among the old wooden fences that ended up being our first Christmas card picture. Good memories.

Very happy little girl who'd been home for ten months.

Little Miss Personality showing some of her cuteness!

Totally one of my favorite pictures of PG!!! This is in January 2005. These pics are all just a small peek at PandaGirl's first year home.
Today we celebrate a little girl who is transforming before our very eyes into the lovely girl that God has created her to be. We are blessed.


  1. Awwww..could she be any cuter??

    Happy Birthday, PG!

  2. You just have NO idea the fun and awesomeness that you have to follow. It's great to see you enjoying every minute. As a mom, it is SO fun watching a girl grow into a woman and remembering yourself at those stages...mine is 12, and I'm just getting to where I really, really remember being that age and what it felt like. It is so strange...but cool at the same time. Happy Birthday, PG!

  3. Hope PG has a wonderful birthday!!!! I know she is such a joy to both of you!

  4. You know time is passing VERY quickly when I was going to get on here and wish PG a Happy 6th birthday! 7th??? Wow, that's so hard to believe!! I hope you all had a sweet celebration with your sweet & sassy girl :)

  5. She is just perfect! What beautiful photos!

  6. What a sweet stroll down memory lane. :) Happy Birthday PG. We love you. The Funky bunch

  7. Sweetness!!!! Love those "old" picts.
    Toot says Happy Birthday PG!!!! Welcome to 7!

  8. Getting a little choked up here. Happy birthday sweet PandaGirl. We miss you so much and wish we could still be there to give you a birthday hug. Hugs and Kisses...The Spicy Family.

  9. Happy Birthday PandaGirl!!! You are precious! This just reminds me of the beginning of our b-day circuit every year. First, PG, then Cheerleader, then SG,DD and SB..Great memories!

  10. Happy Birthday..what a great post..love seeing those baby pics : )