Monday, April 12, 2010

Texas Bluebonnets 2010

Welcome to spring in Texas! Every April we are blessed with gorgeous oceans of these wild beauties! Bluebonnet pictures are an absolute must for any true Texan.

I am soooo not happy with the coloring on the photo above of PandaGirl and her friend from church who is also adopted from China. This was the best of the worst. There were three perfect shots.

Count them.


But of those three shots something happened with the exposure and they were "blown out"......a term I have learned recently that means it is all WHITE and the color is literally blown out. So, though this is a darling pic of the girls, the blown out pics were really even cuter!

Such a blessing for PG to have a BFF with a unique common bond. I miss our old playgroup just terribly sometimes. I have fabulous memories of all our little White Swans playing together at each others' homes, the mall, the park, parties.......and pics in the bluebonnets. It's also wonderful to make new memories with new friends. All of it just morphs together to make for sweet memories in time.

Get out and enjoy whatever amazing springtime creation
that the Creator has for you!!


  1. Just stunning pictures. The scenery is just perfect for two beautiful girls. I'm so ready for green in MI. We're still a few weeks behind. Happy Monday!

  2. The pics are just beautiful!