Thursday, April 15, 2010

These Small Hours Add Up #3

1. Added a link to my photography site under my business card logo. Top Right.

2. Spring weather.

3. My back is 98% better.

4. PandaGirl was complimented by a fellow student who told the teacher that "PG" would never lie (when another student in question didn't fess up to a bad deed).

5. Blessed by my friend who lent me his flash for a big event that I photographed.

6. Sobered by the testimony of a former battered wife who was the guest speaker at the event I covered. It was a fundraiser for safe houses for victims of domestic violence.

7. Love my new red phone that slides open and has a Qwerty keyboard. I can quickly text with the best of 'em now.

8. Mmmm. Special K Protein Shakes.

9. James Dobson just came out with Bringing Up Girls to balance out his insight of Bringing Up Boys. Our children are in a bigger battle than we EVER faced. We have to be aware and prepare them.

10. New thrift store just opened up. Clean. Nice. Grabbed several cute funky hats & scarves for photo shoots.

11. Ordered incredible book about the in's & out's of digital photography. It's like I'm in school. Kinda.

12. PandaPop and I giddy about selling some of our wares at our church's women's expo on Saturday.

***I entered this fun photo into a contest for creativity. I called it "PandaMom". It fits me.


  1. You've been busy and you sound happy. I'm glad your back is on the mend. Happy Spring!

  2. Where's the new thrift store? My Mom is coming to visit in May and I am under strict orders to find the best thrift stores in the area! My Cajun Momma means serious shopping business when she comes next month!

  3. That list is just what I needed after a hectic, stressful week. The hours all add up, they do ;)

  4. OH how I love the picture header of PandaGirl! Sounds like you are living a dream. I love what you're doing with your photography! Wish I was closer. And, congratulations on the texting front! It's a wonderful thing.

  5. Just wanted to say I love the new theme. I have been reading on RSS feed, so I don't actually come on here as often and am not sure when you changed it. And, the PandaMom picture looks like it should be in a magazine! I wonder where I can get an artsy headshot...