Monday, February 7, 2011

The Chemist & PJ

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This is what we did on one of our ICE/SNOW days last week. The entire metroplex was literally paralyzed by the weather!!! The kids missed FOUR days of school. Unheard of!! Wonder when it will all be made up?

PandaGirl and I had a blast making this lip balm. More fun to make than to actually wear. Eeew. She is an absolute freak about mixing up concoctions! If she doesn't study chemistry I'll be surprised. I guess she can always fall back on her geology degree which is other love....for now. Love that she loves science!

Well......tomorrow is THE day that PandaJOY is to be placed with us as a "legal risk placement". At the VERY least we have 7-8 more months of waiting, but she will be WITH us!! Woohooo! A bit surreal at this point.

She spent the night on Saturday. First time since last August. She fell right into place, however now we have PandaDoggie. I have been dreading how that was going to work out with him and a two year old in the house. I am a FREAKER-OUTER and true to form....


I posted all over Face**book begging for someone to give the dog a home because it just wasn't going to work out with PJ. I had been clicking his collar and he was. not. responding. TOO CRAZY!!! Come to find had lost its charge and just need a reboot. Once that happened he was soooo good with her. There was crying, crying and more crying when PG MELTED down like never before. As much as she has been looking forward to getting a sister, reality set in when there was talk of getting rid of the dog (that she doesn't even take care of.....but that's digressing). For the first time since we had her she truly purged and grieved over something. So sad to see and experience, but glad that she has those emotions in her and she feels safe enough to express them with us. I sometimes forget that she, too is adopted and comes with a past of loss and abandonment in her little subconscious. All of a sudden she thought our family was "perfect" the way it was and she did NOT want a sibling!! We prayed and made it through, but it was quite rough.

Several things jolted a kick of panic in me: having to watch the dog, a very busy two year old on the stairs constantly and a new big sister who has had to share with no one for seven years, transitions galore and a freaker-outer momma. Whoa. By the grace of God and lots of prayers from others....Sunday was MUCH better....even delightful. We had to take PJ back to the foster home and that was hard, but the excitement of her coming on Tuesday kept me from crying.

I am praying that NOTHING thwarts the plan of getting her tomorrow.

Can't post pics until the whole thing is finalized in the fall, but I can keep teasing with ones like below.


  1. It is SO strange--I had some of the exact thoughts that you expressed when I saw your FBook post about doggie--that PG might have some feelings about having to give up beloved doggie in order to get a sister, so I said a prayer for you to have wisdom in that regard. SO glad to hear it was just a technical snafu!

  2. I've been a lurker for years, but wanted you to know we'll be praying for your family tomorrow - that everything goes smoothly, that PG's and PJ's and YOUR transition is smooth!

  3. Bless your heart! I can totally understand how one could panic. You want things to be perfect and we throw us human beings in the mix and its so far from perfect. Hang in there and you guys will come out a much stronger family because of it. He can make all of it work out. Won't ever be perfect but we can grow closwer to Him through it all. I love you and will be praying for you through these transitional times.

  4. The hardest part of our adoption wasn't all of Josie's open heart surgeries or hand surgery, it was sibling rivalry. It was downright difficult at times. I will be praying for your transitions. Please know that I'm always here for you.

  5. We are SO happy for you!! We've just got to find a way around this 6+months of no pictures!!!! I don't think we can make it that long! We experienced several months of unexpected meltdowns from DD when we got DB. Little things just seemed to set her off and her reactions were totally out of character for DD. Thankfully, this was only temporary. Hopefully, PG won't experience too many of them. We managed to get past all of that and now they are best friends as I am sure PG and PJ will be. We'll be praying for God's blessing on your new little family!!! Keep us updated!!!

  6. Toddlers and stairs+a well fitted babygate and the problem is solved :). Prayers for a smooth transition for all....especially big sis.

  7. Found you! I am so glad our paths crossed too, God has a plan I'm sure for all of this!