Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Pigs are Flyin'

I never thought this day would come.  The day that these two polar opposites would attract for the slightest moment and actually lay side by side in perfect harmony.

Don't sweet sigh for too long, though.  They only made it for the picture and then promptly left each other's side for high stepping romps from PandaDoggie all over PandaKitty's belly.

We are getting along great with these two and with having TWO BEAUTIFUL GIRLS in our house! I am LOVING have PJ around.  Still can't even believe she's actually here.  Here with us. With US! Today is going to be a rough one since we have to take her two hours away for her required visit with her birth parents.  It's such a sad, awful, yucky hour that she had to spend with them.  The story is quite sad, but I can't really go into the details here.  Just know that it would be better for her if she didn't have to go. : (

This PandaMom does NOT want to drop her off in that room and leave her.  We will make it through, but this is not something that is on my top fun things for the day.

Hey, I have a question.  Are you organized?  I so want to be organized.  There are sweet girls in my church who are, people from blogs who are and lots of resources on getting organized......and staying that way.

I think my problem is disorganization.


I am thinking that many other things would "come together" for me if I could just master the art of organizational skills.  If you think about it, it really encompasses all of our aspects of life.  If something is in disarray then it's all wonky and seems to be out of balance.  (That was quite a redundant sentence.)

Like right now, I am looking at several piles of papers that NEED to be organized and put in proper homes.  Why can't I just get it where it should go and keep up the good work?!!!!  I am certainly going to be praying about and working on getting organized in some sort of order.



  1. How adorable are those two furry-butts!

    So sorry about PJs visit away ;) Will be praying peace over you during the visit!

    Organization--I can be, but I have an issue with procrastination, which is the enemy of organization, so I go in organized that I'm anal and drive myself and everybody else nuts to slacking off, getting lazy, getting busy, getting overwhelmed, yada yada and then I'm a mess. And then I get back on the merry-go-round and do it again!

  2. cute blog...but...hahaha....are you AWARE that the Psycho wards ARE FILLED with organized people!!!! Jus saying....;-)

    don't mess w/God's creation tooooo much, girlie. hahahaha

  3. Dang....third to comment! I saw your comment on LMM and had to laugh. You sound like me. I don't know Sasha in real life but how great would that be!? Cute little blog you've got. We have a 4 year old dog and a 6 month old kitten and I caught them laying together on the couch the other morning but as soon as I grabbed my camera it was over. I'm now a follower. Have a super weekend.