Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Verdict

The jury trial this week has been one long wait after another!! Today was grueling!! Up until the last breath before the verdict was read we had NO idea how the jury was going to go.  My whole body was knotted up and my chest and neck stayed RED all day long.  So nerve-racking, but completely at the mercy of the court's timetable and the jury's decision.

They unanimously terminated his rights!

That is heartbreaking in one sense and yet a relief in another.  We have NO animosity for the bio family, rather the opposite! They have had 18 months to prove they could get the FREE help offered and did nothing.

As soon as the verdict was read the bio father reacted to his mother's disruptive reaction, got violent and proceeded to try and hit the jurors as they walked by causing the counselor to restrain him then he bolted.  We were fearful for awhile and then waited a bit before going to our car.  WHEW!!  That made my legs get so tight that it was hard to walk!

The law says they have a 90 day appeal period so we have to wait through that before celebrating.  Thank you so very much for you love, support and prayers!!!  My eyes have been opened wider and I have a new-found appreciation for C*P*S caseworkers and the attorneys.  Their jobs are unbelievably STRESSFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was not made for court.  I'll happily stick with children's ministry and photography and make pennies compared to lawyers.

I'll give more updates when I can, but for now I am letting my muscles relax, taking a hot bath and praising God for a YES answer to what we asked for.



  1. PRAISE GOD!!! I've been praying like crazy. Enjoy those bubbles. They are well deserved.


  2. Amen!! I think that about says it all. Have a good soak for me too.

  3. Yes! Praise God, so happy for you guys!

  4. Oh, Thank God!! I've been wondering about you, glad it's turning out this way!

  5. Let's just PRAISE THE LORD!!! In my heart, I had a peace about the verdict. The Whaleys are so, so happy for you and Pandajoy!

  6. Just catching up--SOO thankful for your answer to prayer!!