Monday, May 2, 2011

Stop and Smell the.....


I don't know what kind of coral colored flowers these are that PandaPop planted in the front flower-bed, but I just love them alongside my lamb's ear.  I just HATE that I can't post PandaJOY's face yet, because her chubby little cheeks & cute little nose profile sniffing that flower has to be PERFECT.  I am so sorry that all you see are blurred pixels.

I am playing around with some new photo effects, poses and artistic styles with my photography and using PG & PJ as my test models.  I've already done a few of PJ and am just sick that I can't share them with you yet.  The main focus in the pics are the eyes so of course you won't be seeing them anytime soon, at least of PJ.

We were checking the weather last night because the sirens went off.  I was trying to get the girls to bed after a late night at church watching PG in her end of school year musical and there was thunder and lightning interrupting our routine.  I gently, but firmly asked PP to check the weather on TV!!!!!!!!!!!!  Right after he did there was a major stir on Fox*News about some super secret unprecedented announcement that the President was about to make.  My heart was stirring with anxiety wondering what in the world was going on!

A bit later it was announced that O*sama B*in L*aden was dead.  That was surreal.  (How ironic that just a couple of hours earlier I noticed on the evening's program that the kids' choir would start up again next fall on September* 11, 2011.  I realized it would be 10 years after the Twin* Towers* were hit.) I couldn't help but hear the thunderous sounds outside and wonder what the heavenlies were like.  What was going on in the spiritual realm that our eyes aren't privy to see quite yet.  Yes, he is gone from this earth, but danger still looms.  His people will retaliate.  There are others with his hatred and beliefs in false gods.  If not them, then someone else will rise who hates Christians.  According to the Word of God.....we are aliens here.  We are not Home yet.

Be at peace today, friends.


  1. I love your perspective on the news from last night ;) I'm blessed to be reading your thoughts every few days!

  2. Yes, I have fear, too. But I try to put all that fear into God's hands. Don't you know that He is working overtime in the prayer department right now...I know that extra prayers are being lifted on my part.

    I can't wait to see PJ face! I know that it really drives you crazy not to be able to share her yet. Please keep sharing all you can!

    Have a great week!