Thursday, January 19, 2012

Right Now

It's been awhile since this blog has seen a good ol' meme so here goes one I liked from another blogger who posted it today:

Currently I am.....

...loving - the gentle, but firm way I'm parenting. I set some boundaries in my own life (private blog being one of them) which allows me to parent better and from a healthy place as well as be a better wife. Everyday life is just better without the ugly forces that hurt me by relentlessly pounding on my psyche.

...reading - Deeper Water by Robert Whitlow. It takes me awhile to read a book. I love to read, especially if it really captures my attention, but I run out of time and then at the end of the day I'm just too tired to read.  I end up falling asleep. So, I read when I can.

...waiting for - THE CRAZY ADOPTION TO COME TO COMPLETION!!!!!!!!!!!

...excited about - the plans we just made to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary this summer in Utah at a beautiful and FREE condo AND get our family portraits done by my favorite photographer I've been following for a couple of years!!!

...missing - my sweet college peeps. My souls longs for them.

...trying - to continue to like my coffee black with splenda.  I am discovering that the cream just added calories and fat.  A bit of a taste difference, but with flavored coffee that's sweetened.....I can fare just fine and be happy with it.

...working at - getting and staying organized instead of cluttered and junky.

...enjoying - my lovely new pedicure I splurged on this morning. I think the last one I had was this past summer. My feet were looking dragon-like.  Now they sparkle with a nice deep crimsony-coral. And no ugly calluses.

...snacking on - Simply Naked baked pita chips with sea salt. Too yum.

...using - my iPhone* for great entertainment when being delayed for ANYthing.  Just got it before Christmas and it's still a fun toy for me.

...wearing - the same old black yoga pants and comfy black fleece jacket and one of my many hats. Default outfit. Secure.

...planning - my spring schedule and ideas for photo shoots. I'll be going through an intense 12 week class on really building my business in March, but am starting now with what spring shoots to do.

...singing - Upside Down by Jack Johnson. Stuck in my head from listening to it at lunch while getting PJ's food ready. I do AH-dore me some Jack Johnson.

...needing - to workout today since we just paid for another month and I've only been once this week.

...learning - to live out the truths God put in the Bible just for me. He tells me that it is for freedom that Jesus set me free. I'm trying daily to see that and live it.

...listening to - everything. I adore music and switch often, but I've been on a 70's kick for about a week. BeeGees, Doobie Brothers, Boston, Eagles, John Denver.

...wishing - I didn't have food issues and that the weight would just fall off.

...doing - jobs to help PP get ready for our preteen retreat this weekend!! Crazy sock theme!!

...praying for - several hurting people. One girl lost her husband while he was sleeping just two months after getting married.  That shouldn't be.

...dreaming of - the day my little family isn't involved with the foster system anymore.


  1. I love your meme! I think they are the best ways to get to know people. If you want to do one every day for me, I'm good with that.

    Need our phone date SOON!

    Love you~

  2. I love reading those meme things you write! So interesting.