Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why Private?

Y'all let me know if you're able to log in and if these posts are even being read!! ; )

Very long story that will not go on here.   Just trust me and know that I am taking care of my family with some boundaries. This has nothing to do with our adoption, our church or anything in our normal sphere of influence.  An external force that continues to hurt me is not allowed to be a part of this fun area of my life.  I enjoy blogging and want to share it with people who also enjoy it and me.

Isn't this a GREAT pic of PandaPop?!!! I always love snapping quick pics of him, PandaGirl and PandaJoy and just seeing what I come up with.  Yesterday I snapped these two after we took our dear friend Kerry Mackey out to one of my favorite spots for shoots to do some head shots for his ministries that he has going on. He is the founder of Chaplain to the Outdoorsmen and several other things.  We've know Kerry for 15 years through ministry.  PP was in his wedding and they are dear, dear friends.  I do adore him!! He spoke at our church last night to the men having a huge wild game feast.  Kerry is passionate about Jesus and has a very fun, charismatic personality!  Loved doing his photo shoot!

The pics below PG are just a taste of the shoot. The rest can be seen at then click on The Collection to get to the galleries. 

Oh....about PandaJoy?  Well, we got a message Friday that all is good to go. Except...........nothing can go forward until the court issues a mandate saying all is done.  That could take up to 90-flippin'-days!!!!!!!!! In that 90 days......there can be allowed more interruptions & challenges.  You read that right.  Sickening.

More posts to come later!! Thanks for hanging around!

Funderstorm: Mackey said to tell you guys HELLOOOOOOOO!!! ; )


  1. I can see everything! Beautiful pic of PandaPop. Glad you are taking care of yourself!

  2. Love your blog...Love you too! <3 Thanks for including me, my sweet friend! Btw, I have our "red nails" going on this week! ;) haha! January blahs got RED is in order! haha! *Hugs and Love*

  3. Glad to be included. Love you! Those are great pics of Kerry!

  4. Yes, i can see your post (though it's not showing up in my reader, but I guess that's because it's password protected maybe - no worries though, I just click on over here!). sorry you having so many frustrations with the adoption court case - just imagine the MEGA celebrations when it all finally comes through!!! :)

  5. I'm here. Now that the blog is private can you post pics of PandJoy? Or is that still forbidden? Just curious...

  6. Yes. I can read your posts, but google reader doesn't alert me to new posts. I've added your blog as a shortcut and I'll just remember to check it for updates. I'm sorry you have a 90 day delay AGAIN! Goodness. Enough already!

  7. I am here! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life. You have always been so encouraging to me, from the moment I met you. I promise not to lurk. Hopefully I can encourage you as much as you have encouraged me.