Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quack, Quack

The past couple of months that I was not blogging had me texting instead. My three best friends from college and I have become addicted to our i**Phones, Emoji*Icons and each other.

On a daily basis we text.

Not just about important things, but about random things. Unimportant things. Girly things. Naughty things. Funny things. Life changing things. Spiritual things. Shopping things. Sad things. Pictures of things. Life things.

I am addicted!!

We don't really go at it as much on the weekends but during the week we have found a rhythm that works for us. Most of the time. This past week we got a little wonky and had to say WHOA, then laugh at ourselves once we realized that one of us (not me, thank goodness!!!) was PMSing pretty badly and shouldn't have been talking to ANYone much less texting when inflection and tone can easily be misunderstood on a good day much less one where a girl's emotional state can turn faster than Texas mosquito can suck your blood.

We told her to chill. Nicely.

I have been blessed with great friendships. I've said that on here before and I certainly do not mean to brag or boast in myself about that.  Each place we've lived I've been able to make great friends. They are all dear to me.  I've done a talk for a mom's group a couple of years ago about my friendships.

I cherish them each.

All my friendships are from different churches where we have served or are from that time. I have always had at least one friend who did not attend the church where we were serving at the time. A minister's wife needs that kind of relationship outside the walls of the church where her husband is on staff.

My three college BFFs, well, they have known me since I was 18 years old. A few years before I met PandaPop. We have history. I love it. Now that we are growing older when have so much to share!!! We call our texting The Textcapades.

Yes.  It's a play on words. On purpose.

I told you, we leave nothing out.

The Emoji**Icons we use from the app we downloaded to our phones has given us a whole new language. Between the creative use of those icons and mistyped words or overlapping posts I know I have fallen over laughing, cried from laughing or had to go straight to the little girls' room......from hard laughing.

We have three different icons for three levels. One is for rolling on the floor laughing, next is for laughing so hard you are crying, the ultimate is a pic of a stick person crawling on the floor which is reserved for laughing so hard that you are crawling to the bathroom because you've wet yourself.

I know. Girls.

We send pictures, too. That's fun.

I love seeing these girls in everyday living color. We are able to see the good, the bad, the ugly and the real life play out.  We are very open and honest and are not pretentious in any way, because we do know each other from before adult life really hit hard.

Wrinkles and sagging body parts are a little easier to handle when you share the plight with someone you think of as beautiful.  They make me feel beautiful, too.

We do not see eye-to-eye on everything, however. We have to agree to disagree on some things and move on. It would be boring if we all just laughed and agreed on everything. We need that diversity among us. We do all love the Lord, though so in that way we are united.

I feel so blessed to have had them be a part of my daily life in the past few months because I have seriously struggled with some deep issues. I've been in counseling since last May. I am not ashamed to say that. I fought going to counseling for so very long, that I am amazed that I've come this far in my life without falling completely apart.

I'm not at liberty yet to expound on exactly why I have been in counseling, but I will someday.  God has allowed my life story to come to the point it is today for a reason.  We all have a story to tell.  I would love to hear yours. How God has woven people and circumstances through your tapestry to make you who you are.

I am just now, really, really finding who I am.

What in the world do all these duck pictures have to do with texting and counseling?


My daily life has become so incredibly random, wonky, out of sorts, unorganized, crazy, whacked out that I am now about to start some medication for adult ADD. I have done three different surveys on seeing how ADD I might be. Let's say on the best one.....I was 22 out of 26 characteristics.  Now that can be misleading because some of my actions can be compensating for something else which I will delve into at another time.

Doc says to work on one thing at a time.  We are starting with ADD.

I am only sharing this in hopes of helping someone else that might think counseling, good friends or medication isn't for them.  I believe God is working through all of those venues to help me become the PandaMom He created me to be.

All 41 years of my life have been for the making of whom I am today. This very day. All the great moments and all the crap.  It all plays a part.  Just like it does in your life.

I so wish I could sit down with every single one of you and listen to your life story and how things have come in to factor who you are and why you do the things you do.

I would love it. Wouldn't you just love that???


  1. So glad to read your blog again!
    God bless the broken road...

    P.S. I love ducks :)

  2. Isn't it neat the way that we find pieces of our own story in the stories of those we love... How in sharing the struggles of our friends, we see
    Our own struggles. God is good that way.

  3. Yes, I'd love that. I've always loved the analagoy of a tapestry to picture life. There are recent threads in yours I don't know about and I hate that...and vice versa, I'm sure. I'm so glad you're back. Hearing your words and seeing your pictures gives me insight into your life. And maybe I'm ADD as well, because I totally didn't think the duck pictures were random. ;)

  4. I'm so glad I'm able to read your blog again! I seriously missed it while you were private. I kept checking back hoping that you'd go public again.

    I've been reading your blog for years and I always find inspiration in your words. This post really spoke to me and I am grateful to you for your honesty. I don't comment often (although I certainly have before), but I'll try to more because it's probably nice for you to get the feedback. And I SHOULD tell you how much I enjoy your blog! :-)

    So thanks for writing, thanks for going public again. I even "friended" you on facebook in the hopes that I could somehow get back into your online life! I missed you! :-)

    And just so I don't sound like a crazy stalker, here's a bit about me. I'm also a mom--2 boys ages 1 and 3. I'm a kindergarten teacher, and yes, I'm exhausted all the time. lol. My sister's kids are adopted and my husband and I want to adopt our next child. I've always felt called to do it.

    1. Sammy!! I remember you commenting before! Have you already friended me on fb in a request?? i don't see it. What name do i look for? Thank you for your kind words!!!!!!!!

  5. I just wrote you a LONG comment and it somehow deleted!!! And now I have to get kiddos breakfast and no time to remember and rewrite it all!! Dang IT. Basically I said it's scary how alike we think. LOL And that I seem to be drawn to pastor's wives... I have a lot of buddies who are and I forget that you are as well. LOL (I was a P.K. growing up so maybe it's just in my blood. Ha!)

    Wish we could chat in real life and wish my comment wasn't deleted!! Happy Monday sweet thing!