Saturday, August 10, 2013

Holy Guacamole, I Have Seen the Light

I had so much fun last night.

We went out with some of our best friends who are a tiny bit older than us, like big sister and big brother plus another couple who are quickly becoming some of our besties who are like our little sister and little brother. We mix well.

Tried out Tacos & Avocados. (Yes, they play on the whole T&A thing. I'm not naive. The taste over powers the play on words)


Who knew that one restaurant could have on hand enough perfectly ripe avocados to meet the daily requirements of customers ordering them for lunch and dinner......on everything. That's a lot of perfectly ripe avocados. Ever had fried avocado fingers? Dipped in a ranch-ish sauce? Made me want to fall all over myself. So flippin' yummy!!

Loved the food, the camaraderie and the atmosphere. The live band put me over the top. Having no kids around was pretty sweet as well. I am blessed to be a mom, but date night with just grown ups is SAH-WEEEEEEET!!!

I didn't want to leave.

I've been working out consistently since September. I've lost 45 pounds, still have 40 to go. I feel so great!!! However, I do not like it when a picture is taken and I look like I haven't lost a stinkin' pound! Hence.....the cropped photo up there at the top with my two friends that originally was an almost full length shot. Who wants to post a pic of themselves looking gross? Not I. I swear that pictures DO LIE sometimes.

The pic below is the epitome of getting older. Turning 43 this coming September seems a bit surreal until moments like these occur reassuring me that I am, indeed, aging. One year ago my optometrist informed me that in a year bifocals would certainly be needed for my eyesight to be optimal. I laughed thinking of how far off that year deadline was and how I wouldn't not be doing the bifocal thing.

Well, well, well. Darn that optometrist and her stupid degrees. She did know what she was talking about. The past several months have proven that the prophecy spoken over me one year ago is coming to fruition. I am going to need bifocals. Or trifocals. Or quadfocals. Looking at the print on my phone has become so bothersome. All the letters are so furry and fuzzy that no moving back and forth of the smart phone helps me to see any better.

I need to SEE better!!

Then my big brother friend jokingly offered me his glasses. I make fun of him for having to wear reading glasses. When I put them on top of my own prescription lenses........I could actually SEE the words clearly and life was good again. The "friends" sitting across from me took great joy in snapping a pic of old 4 eyes. I posted on fb that I'd used his reading glasses. About 15 minutes later when I needed to borrow his glasses again he corrected me by saying that those were his REAL prescription glasses and not just cheapie reading glasses!! What the?!!!!

Guess I'll be making an appointment with my smarty pants optometrist soon.

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  1. OK. friend. I'm hopeless. You've done my blog so long...I haven't a clue. I tried and tried. I cannot take off the background you put on. Help me, please.