Thursday, July 23, 2009

Top 12 Things Discovered at Camp

1. There's always a new addiction around the corner.
My friend introduced me to this little goody at children's camp this week. Love it and can't get enough of it!!!

2. David was at camp, too.
One of the two precious friends who went Home to be with Jesus last week was a camp staple. David had been to children's camp many, many times and had quite a legacy from past trips. Even last summer when he was very sick with chemo treatments he made his way out for a couple of days. This past February when PandaPop and some other guys went out to check out the ropes challenge course, David went vowing he'd be at camp this summer. He just didn't tell us it would be in his handprint all over the thing. There are too many "you had to be there" moments to explain, but the Jason Mraz moment happened when the early group of leaders were in the van on Sunday after dinner and all listened to the radio play "I'm Yours" by this artist and got misty-eyed because it was the song played during David's photo montage at his funeral. David's presence was at camp. While we played camp for a week, we know he is having CAMP FOREVER with the King of kings!

We felt you, David.

3. Gravy is the new apple.
No lie. We were served white gravy 8 out of the 10 meals that we had there. I was so surprised that they didn't plop down a spoonful for the pizza we had last night.

4. God can change the weather just for camp.
We were so worried about the horrible over-100-degree temps. that were blaring us in the face for camp and then right before we left we got the report that the temps. would be down and wonderful. Oh my. The beauty of our campgrounds made me clap for God's work and the temps. WERE perfect!!!!

5. One can't really die from humiliation.
Thank goodness or else PandaGirl would be dead from swimming with floaties. The girl can't swim and the rule was: wear floaties or don't swim. Easy enough?


Drama, drama, drama until I finally let the floaties come off and I started dunking the kid until she finally would hold her breath and STOP choking on pool water every stinkin' time she went under. By the end of Wednesday my sweet little panda was swimming like a fish. Without floaties. ; )

6. "J" is the best letter.
Others might disagree, but if your name starts with "J" then you get it. I bought this hot pink "J" notepad for myself and a green "J" for her. We love our "J".

7. Lava Lamps make me smile.
These were part of our 70's decor. Yes, that big one really is big. It is about 2 1/2 feet tall, but spilled most of it's "stuff" on the way.

8. The Captain and Bugsy have a lot in common.
Our camp theme was loosely based on the 70's decade. For one of the theme nights we all dressed up in our 70's garb and carefully used old LP album covers for decor like the awesome "Captain and Tennille". PP and I had just watched Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler the night before we left for camp so this "Bugsy" was fresh on our mind with his HUGE eyes in the movie. Little did we know that The Captain's eyes would look just like Bugsy's, but they were REAL!!! We got a big laugh out of this "sight"! HA!

9. A Princess always drinks Mountain Dew.
This girl is going to make one amazing wife to one very blessed man....someday.
I love my J.O.!!! She is just THE BEST! So God-loving, giving, creative, honkin' funny, Mountain Dew addicted, ADHD and AWESOME!!! Her heart is in the right place for her Prince to come, but the Prince just needs to get here!!! The Lord has His plans, we know. I just know that this precious woman is being held at bay for something amazing awaiting her....and her Prince.

10. Getting stung by a bee doesn't mean you have to feel it seems.
PandaGirl had a HUGE three-inch in diameter hard, feverish, red circle on her knee sticking out like a golf ball and she says, "Mom, my leg hurts a little when I try to sit on it."

DUH!!!! What the heck IS that thing?! I immediately walk her over to our dear, precious friend Miss M. who was our nurse and she took care of PG. Three nurses all said it looked like a bee sting, but none of us could figure out how a six year old didn't scream when stung. Hmmm.

11. My man ROCKS!
I already knew that so it's not a discovery, either, but I do have to say that I enjoy watching him "do ministry" as a children's minister and all the ways he just loves the kids and people. He is a gem and I am the blessed one to have him as my husband. Not to mention he just KEEPS on getting cuter with each passing year! ; )

12. It follows me.
Ever since I was a little girl 12 has been my favorite number. It was usually the number I'd be given for contests, random things, whatever. Too many times to count. I LOVE that it follows me places. Lo and behold, guess what room number we got at the camp "hotel"?

YES!!! ----12.

LOTS more camp pics to come later along with PP's 40th birthday coming up on Sunday!


  1. Welcome home!! Sounds like a fantastic week at camp...minus all that gravy and one nasty bee sting. I love the new blog header.

    Happy 40th to Panda Pop.

    PS. I still have at least 3 Captain and Tennille record albums...

  2. If 12 has always been your favorite number and it's such a big deal, you missed your Aggie calling!!

  3. Looks like ya'll had a blast a camp! I love summer is the best. I am sad I don't get to go this year, this is the first time I have not gone to camp in 10yrs. I am so glad PG was not allergic to bees..I just found out a year ago that I am and now I have to carry an eppi pen every where I go!

  4. Always enjoy reading your blog, but this one was especially good...I laughed, I cried...haha! Seriously though, thanks for sharing from your heart. You are a beautiful person inside and out.

    Oh, and I have a number too, so I know what you mean. Mine is 3, and I became a mom on 03/03/03... how's that? I think that God speaks to us in so many fun ways.

    Happy birthday to PP! Hope it is wonderful day for all of you.

  5. Ahhhh, sounds like fun!! I miss it so much!! Tried to rent Bedtime Stories today, but it wasn't in, so we came home with Beverly Hills Chihuahua.