Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm singin' in the rain, just singin' in the....

What a BLAST we had yesterday! PandaPop is off on Thursdays and we were planning to go to Canton (the largest outdoor flea market in the universe....well, maybe not universe, but it's big). We knew it would be raining, but also knew it would be the only time we could go since it is only open on the weekend of the first Monday of the month. PandaGirl and I went on a search for rainboots. I pulled out our anorak rain jackets and we were ready for our wet adventure. When PP came home from work we were chatting about the awful traffic we'd have to endure on Thursday morning just to get to Canton. Before I knew it he had made reservations for us to spend the night and we were leaving in an hour! Woohoooooo!!!! We packed lightly, grabbed some din-din and jumped in our little black Jeep and headed east. I LOVE spontaneous things like that! That sweet man of mine did that just to bless me. He rocks. We had a wonderfully fun time all together and it couldn't have been any better.

Just a bit of trivial information: Those plum colored anorak jackets have been with us since, oh----about 1993!!! Love those things! If you don't know, they are the jackets that fold right up inside themselves, stuff into a pocket and zip up. PG's did the same. LOVED my rainboots!!!!


  1. I love the spontaneity! Cool rain boots too!


    Congrats on a 'job well done' you guys!
    (love the boots & photos)

  3. Soooo jealous of that rain! We are in such a horrible drought here. We would love to do some sing'in in the rain. Love ya!!