Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Wedding

PandaPop officiated the wedding ceremony for my cousin who is 10 years younger than me. Her sister was actually the one who introduced PandaPop and I in 1991. These two sisters have said that they always looked up to me (probably because I'm so much older than them and everything I did was "awesome" in their little girl eyes at the time). Now it's so crazy to see them as grown women! I just can't remember PandaPop and I looking soooo young when we got married, but we were. My cousin is 28 and I was 21....meaning that I was even YOUNGER looking-----and much more inexperienced in life.

After the bride started to dance with her dad the DJ called for all Dad-daughter duos to get on the dance floor for some sweet moments. LOVE these two together!!

Of course, dancing with MY Daddy! Mom has done fabulous with her double knee surgery recovery and was at the table taking the pic.

Oh---these two tanned people!! Since I can't get a tan to save my life I am so thankful for these two who have such gorgeous summer sun-kissed skin!
(However---notice in the pic above how DARK my Daddy's skin is......umm...nope....I didn't get any of that. That's OK Mom, mine and your skin is perfect just the way it is!)

It's such a blessing to be this man's wife. He still calls me his "bride" and I a melt when I hear it. We are rushing towards 17 years of marriage in about five weeks. Funny to watch my cousin be so youthful and giddy on her wedding day. So much lies ahead for this new bride and groom. No one could have prepared us for marriage, life in general and growing older. You just have to do it to "get it". There's no other way. And no one else I'd rather experience "it" with than PandaPop.


  1. Love those gorgeous pictures! :) Congrats to your cousin and thanks for sharing your heart. You have such a beautiful way of conveying your thoughts and feelings, and I love your gratefulness for your wonderful family. Thank you for always being such a blessing, always being a ray of sunshine and keeping us all smiling, laughing, and realizing how very much we have to be thankful for. Love ya!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Happy 17 years together. We just celebrated our 17th too. How quickly that time flies goes away. You have such a beautiful family.

  3. Okay, I LOVE all of these pictures!! You and PandaPop look so young!

    Pastey Whitey Girlies Unite!

  4. You and your family are simply beautiful!!!

  5. Love the thought of all 'Daddy/Daughter Duos' getting on the floor. Will have to remember that!

  6. You guys LOOK FABULOUS!!! Of course, I'm SOOO stealing that picture. Glad you're back to blogging. I love to look and see something new on here. Hoping to catch up with my own soon.
    Love you.
    Miss you.
    Come see me?
    Well, at least we can talk.