Thursday, July 16, 2009


Last week was filled with our VBS/Kids Praise kind of event for our Kindergarten through 5th grade children at church. It was from 9-3 everyday, but wasn't just VBS as traditionally known. Our church has always done VBS one week and then a music camp another week in the summer which culminated in a musical performance at the end of the week. PandaPop wanted to merge the two to save some time for families, lower the cost and focus more on worship than performance. All the years past have been wonderful, but it was time for a change. This one was a good change. These kids worked their little hearts out and LED us in worship on the last day at the evening worship experience called Born to Worship. Blessed my heart, for sure.

PandaPop was either welcoming all the parents or telling the kids they did great...I can't remember. No matter, at some point he told them that if they raised enough money to meet the goal for the mission project for the week, he'd dye his hair royal blue to keep up with his awesomeness from last year's challenge. However, the next day he was doing the wedding ceremony for my cousin as posted a few days ago and couldn't really walk into the wedding as the minister with blue hair. I was bummed for that reason and for the fact that the kids didn't make the goal and there weren't any adults to pitch in to make it happen. Boo. I was looking forward to ROYAL BLUE hair! Oh well, I'm sure some other goofy challenge is right around the corner.

Adored having my daughter lead me in worship with her special part in the experience.

Does this pic make your heart melt? Make you want to worship right now? Make you believe that you were born to worship the Living God who created you? The other side of the stage has three more poses with kids in front of them, too. This was quite powerful while the whole group of 250 kids sang, "Here I am to Worship".

PG and her sweet friend. These two always get mistaken for each other at church. The other day was fun for me and the friend, because we walked hand-n-hand together without PG and everyone just assumed it was PG. We giggled. ; )


  1. What inspiring pictures. I can see why your heart melts. Too bad about the blue hair...bummer. I was looking forward to blue hair pictures too. How fun that PG has a good friend to be with at church. Have a great weekend! I hope it's relaxing (is that possible with ministry duties though??) Hugs.

  2. Loved the VBS worship!! Can't wait to see camp pictures!!