Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Grade: All Done!

::click photo to enlarge::

We are so very proud of PandaGirl and her accomplishments in 1st grade!!

She finished super strong with THE HIGHEST Accelerated Reading points for all four first grade classes!!! That is so amazing since at the end of the first semester she was struggling with site words from one page to the next. Now she is reading early chapter books on her own and loving it! We think it is phenomenal with the six weeks we tried homeschooling at the beginning of school (well, four weeks since the last two weeks of Stone Table Academy was spent with Little Guy and all the trauma the ensued) throwing a kink in the normal flow of her first grade year.

On top of earning those high reading points she also was awarded Most Responsible student. That cracks me up and makes me wonder if she really puts forth a great effort to be responsible at school or if all the other kids were just mindless blobs, because PG is so scatter-brained like her momma that I don't know HOW she got the Responsible award!! LOL!!

I am so grateful for her teacher and the experiences she had. There are still

M-A-N-Y reasons

I would love to have The Stone Table Academy and homeschool, but it just wasn't meant to be, at least for now.

Now we are off to a wedding for PandaPop's cousin.....who was OUR little ring bearer almost 18 years ago in our wedding.

My, my---time flies.


  1. Congratulations on PG making it through this academic year with flying colors and a cool award. I've packed my last set of lunch boxes this evening. Tomorrow is the last day of school. I can hardly stand it!!! My Mr. Mom is officially on duty next week.

    Woo hoo!

  2. Look how different she looks from the beginning of the school year to the end! It's awesome that she accomplished so much this year! Don't be sad about homeschooling--you know that you KNOW you did the right thing by putting her back in regular school this year. You're an awesome momma ;)