Wednesday, June 9, 2010


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We were blessed by PandaPop's father with tickets to the INDY Car Race this past Saturday. His dad has worked for Bridgestone/Firestone forever and is like the national manager for the off-the-road division or something like that.

I've never been to any kind of car race much less a significant one like an INDY Race! Woohoo!

It was about a thousand degrees, but super fun. Along with our race ticket we also had a special green pass that got us into the Firestone chalet (fancy word for getting to eat awesome food inside!!) plus we got to tour the garage and pit row where all the crews were getting the cars ready for the race. We also go to meet Dario Franchitti who won the INDY race the week prior and who happens to be Ashley Judd's husband. That was all so fun!

Once the race started and the whoop-n-hollerin' died down my friend and I looked at each other with our earplugs snuggly tucked in our ears and mouthed the words, "Well, this is fun. Only 227 more laps to go." LOL!!!!!!!

There were four "incidences" happen like a driver's car burst into flames, but other than that the race was pretty much the sound of

"reeeEEEeeer, woosh!----reeeEEEeeer, woosh!-----reeeEEEeer, woosh!"

as the cars made their way around the track.

I was all excited about Danica Patrick being in the lead for just a bit and I also got to be about two feet from her with my hands filled with iced tea cups not being able to get to my camera. Then I Go*ogled her and saw that she has some not-nice-girl pics of her very rich self and that made me not want to cheer for anymore. Boo.

I got to meet up with my high school cheerleading friend/cousin whom I hadn't seen in forever except of FB recently and THAT was sooooooo fun!

Overall it was a really great experience and I loved it!


  1. Great pictures. Looks like a fun adventure...even if it was SUPER LOUD!

  2. looks like you had so much fun! Love how you are doing your pics! I need to learn how to do digi scrapbook and the best place to order the prints so not to cost a ton of money! email me your ideas on that!