Saturday, June 19, 2010

These Small Hours...

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We finished up our VBS week at church and had a FABULOUS time doing Saddle Ridge Ranch plus the musical worship experience. We are SO blessed to be at our church. Two years ago PandaPop colored his hair green because the kids met the goal for the missions offering. They missed it last year, but held their own this year so that PP had to dye it royal blue! I think he looks so GREAT!!

I'm thinkin' Smurf.

We had a short, very short visit with PandaJoy. She came, I got strep throat for the third time since February, sent her home, went to the doctor with my theory that PJ is the strep CARRIER and I have dormant bacteria and when we get together....we activate. Lovely. I'm going to an ENT soon to see if I need my tonsils out.


That is a MAJOR surgery for an adult and it scares me to death. : (

PandaPop has a hurt foot.

PandaGirl is super-big-time into reading her chapter books.

The Pledge Multi-Use spray is just about THE best cleaner. Ever.

I broke down and bought two pair of Yellow Box flip flops because so many friends at church swear by them. I'm hooked. Feels like I'm walking on marshmallows. They cost way too much for flip flops, but my feet and body were hurting this week from tromping around in my cheapies.

About PandaJoy....I am specifically asking those of you who pray, to please pray for God's plan to unfold for her and us. Looks like we are going to be fighting a spiritual battle over her. Our hands are tied in this physical realm and we can only do so much, but we Believers know that our struggle is not against flesh & blood (i.e., the state foster system), but against forces in the spiritual realm just like Ephesians 6 tells us. Hands down, we believe PJ should be with us, but it is just not that easy. It's very complicated and drawn out in a waiting pattern. I am asking you to intercede for our family and for PJ. Not that we have her, but what is best for her and us. We HOPE that what is best, is for her to be our daughter and sister. If that is not the Lord's plan in all of this, we need peace. Thank you in advance.


  1. Sounds like you guys have a lot going on! I just want to encourage you -- we saw a true miracle in a church family with a foster baby years ago. From the beginning, they knew they would not be allowed to adopt, he had other siblings and all the children needed to stay together, birth mom was still in the picture, etc. As the months went on and the prayers went up, God worked a true miracle. The end of the story was that after about 3 years of fostering, they were allowed to adopt him, and today he is a beautiful 6th grade little man in the family he belonged to from the beginning. I know God has a plan for you! We will be praying.

  2. Praying for that little cutie, and for you guys, as well.

    On another note, I disagree...Windex all-purpose antibacterial cleaner is the BEST. No contest. Eliminates streaks on marble tile countertops and gets rid of icky dog noseprints from glass doors. Smells good, too.

  3. I will be praying for you!!! We're having tonsils out at our house tomorrow... wish I could do it for her! She had strep about every 6 weeks all year, figured we needed them out before middle school next year so she wont' miss so much school.