Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby & Sham-moon

PandaGirl has carried and loved "Baby" around since the day she came home from China. Baby is a darling plush softie Asian doll. THE only doll PG will even entertain the thought of playing with. Poor girl. She greatly dislikes any other type of doll. I swear I did not teach that to her, but I do not care for many dolls either. However, I used to love playing with the babies that would wet its diaper and I could change it. So grown-up.

PandaPop went to SeaWorld on Saturday with the mission/choir group he sponsored. Brought back Sham-moon with him for PG. Yes, I am aware that Sham-moon might seem like a ridiculous mis-spelled name. In PG's world, it totally works.

All the people from my church have heard about this, but for you others....

The COOLEST most RANDOM thing happened to our high schoolers while they were on their own choir tour in New Orleans (PandaPop went with the middle-schoolers in a different tour in San Antonio). As they were singing Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz on the streets of New Orleans.........LENNY KRAVITZ shows up and joins them!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH! Follow the link here and watch all five minutes of the video from Lenny's own twitter page. (Yes, you will now know where I go to church, but if you were going to kill me or stalk me then you would have already found other ways to do it.)


  1. How cool is that!! What an awesome experience for those kiddos! They will remember that trip for the rest of their lives.

  2. Wow. I'm stunned. That was pretty darn cool. What an amazing trip for those kids. Emma came running to watch the video.

  3. Can you even believe the experience those choir kids had?! PS--my 14 year old BOY has a pair of little beanie baby bears that he has loved since he was a wee one and he still sleeps with them on his bed. Whenever he leaves home overnight, he sneaks them into his bag--though I don't think he takes them out in front of his friends. I LOVE those little glimpses of baby-ness that they show throughout their lives!

  4. THAT is THE COOL-EST THING EVER! My husband and I both watched it. Did I get a little teary eyed? So neat for those kids and so nice of Lenny!