Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fever & Fame at First!!!

First time ever that
Texas Rangers
are in the
World Series!!!

I think all of Texas has Ranger Fever!!!

Our church is fired up even more that David Murphy of the Texas Rangers Baseball Club attends our church!


Back in 1994-98-ish I was a huge Rangers fan and watched games even when PandaPop wasn't home. Somewhere along the line I lost interest, but never lost touch because the Rangers ballpark is just 30-45 minutes away from us depending on the traffic. Everywhere you look are Ranger t-shirts, hats, signs, etc. I pulled out my visor from way back when today and wore it proudly to church tonight along with PP's jersey. Walked up to pay for dinner and the darling kitchen crew had this huge basket of Cracker Jack free for the taking with a little blue star on them that said, "Go Rangers!!"

Right before we moved to this church we had a last hurrah on THAT side of the Metroplex with some free tickets that someone blessed us with. PandaGirl loved going to her first pro game! Click here to see the pics. Don't know what happened to the background, but I could no longer see the words. Oh well! lol!

We Texans are all about cheering on the Rangers in the World Series and the biggest fans are at our First Baptist Church!!


  1. I love all your gear. Looks like a great way to celebrate the world series! Thinking of you and Pandajoy too!

  2. We at FBC Arlington has the spirit, too! The game was on all over the church as soon as the children's activities and prayer meeting were over. Everyone had Ranger shirts! Well, not everyone. I still owe my two younguns' shirts b/c I told them I would. Maybe we will have the money to do that someday soon! Love them Rangers. And proud of them no matter how many of these games they win or lose. Love your outfit!!!