Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday, PandaGirl!!


We had a blast last Friday night celebrating PandaGirl's 8th birthday with a slumber party! I'm hoping that I can now use the excuse of "Oh Honey, we have already done the slumber party thing so now you have to choose such & such for a theme." LOL!! In all my smartness, I used this strategy to allow PG a sleepover at our house when I knew I could still tell the little darlings to go to sleep at a certain hour. Not so with girls any older than 7 & 8! I am NOT a night person and staying up late is a huge chore to me unless I'm doing something super fun like scrapbooking, editing pics or something else that REALLY keeps my attention away from my sweet pillow and cushy blanky. We'll see.

Here are the first two of six party collages. I am so ticked at myself for taking most of the pics with my point & shoot camera instead of my good one. You can tell the difference in the quality of the pics. For example, look at the pic of PG in her yellow shirt above: nice, vivid, crystal clear. Now look at the middle pic of all the girls at the table below: grainy, not good color and overall not pleasing to the eye. Bleh.

The party was a huge success and I was so happy to have blessed our little girl with all of it! Now, today, October 6th is her actual birthday so we are taking lunch up to school and leaving cupcakes for her class to enjoy later on this afternoon.

We are blessed with a beautiful daughter...inside & out! ; )



  1. What a delightful party. Such beautiful girls. Love all the candy too!!

  2. Once upon a time, there was a 2 1/2 yr old in my BFF's wedding, and a 5 yr old in mine! AMAZING how much she's grown!

  3. Can you believe the "Z's" are 8!!?? * is such a grown up number. I can't believe I haven't laid eyes on you in 6 YEARS!!!

  4. What a super fun party! I think you might have outdone yourself!

  5. Happy Birthday PandaGirl!!! It looks like you had a sweeeeeet time!! Love from the Spicy Girls!!