Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Here is my new website!!

Our hearts are completely broken that we do not get to have PandaJOY with us for Thanksgiving. It is where she belongs. Too bad the lawyers and mediator couldn't coordinate their schedules as hoped. Great thing that we know God is in control---no matter what. I am excited to launch my new website, see family and friends and eat some YUMMY food this week!! Looking forward to putting up all our Christmas decor out on Saturday and watching White Christmas while having hot chocolate.

We have JOY no matter what.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Your website is impressive. I love all your galleries. If we lived close, I'd book you for a family photoshoot in a second. Congratulations on your labor of love.

    I'm sorry PandaJoy isn't joining you for Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to seeing her with your family for Christmas. Have a splendid Thanksgiving as your last holiday as a family of three.

  2. It's funny but when I first saw your logo the cotton commercial jingle popped into my head "the fabric of our lives..." LOL

    You take great pictures. Much success to you.