Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hanging of the Green

A picture to share that I took of our Hanging of the Green service at church this past Sunday. PandaGirl is second from the right on the bottom front row. These are our high school, middle school and grade school choirs. The preschool choirs had already gone to sit with their parents when I snapped this shot. They all did such a great job in leading us in worship as they also decorated the sanctuary with everything to make it look CHRISTMASY!

More posts to come when I can get some pics put together!

Thanks to everyone who is praying for us and PandaJOY. I have prayed blessings back on YOU for taking the time to care about us! ; )


  1. Love your new blog header. Continuing to pray for you and PandaJOY. It's time to get your little one home!!!

  2. Praying PandaJOY home for Christmas! :)