Monday, November 29, 2010

Lots of Thanks!

There is so much to tell about our great Thanksgiving break and you know the way I like to do that is through pictures.....well.....the way I do the collages is not working right now and it's KILLING ME!! AHHHH! Hopefully that will be fixed soon!

We left town last week feeling so sad that PandaJOY was not with us for Thanksgiving (or for forever!) but were determined to let the Spirit fill us with joy to have a great time with our family.

Just like God to always be faithful...He allowed us to have a precious time with our family and friends. I did two super fun photo shoots with friends we haven't seen in a long time. We had a complete and total blast having PandaDoggie with us. He ran free and harder than any dog I've seen!! LOL!! He LOVED the freedom of running in the country. His Gram even bought him and his doggie-cousin matching brown/orange sweaters for the cold that blew in.

Fabulous food was everywhere!

On the way back home we got to stop by and see our little PandaJOY for a few minutes. God knocked our socks off with her precious self by gifting us with her own joy and excitement to see us drive in the driveway. She SPRINTED across the yard, let me grab her up in a huge squeeze and then proceeded to climb up in our Tahoe like she was ready to go HOME.

Very precious moments, indeed.

They are imprinted on my mind's eye.

Extremely difficult for us to leave her in the foster home. I adore my friend who is the foster mom. There is no better place for that baby to be right now if she can't be with us. I am asking you to please, please pray for the whole thing to move forward in her case and let us bring this baby girl home!!!!! Of course, we want to spend the magical anticipation of Christmas with her so we are revving up our prayer life about this and asking God to move mountains, lawyers, judges, mediators, caseworkers: all of them involved. MOVE MOUNTAIN!!

Can't wait to share all the fun pics from the last week with you, but can't do it very easily without my beloved collages.

(PandaGirl took this fun pic of me and PandaPop with my good camera....I never her let her even touch my good one so this is a BIG deal to her!!.....and I think she did pretty good!)


  1. I'm hoping and praying that your PandaJoy is with you for Christmas. Looking forward to your pictorial collages. PandaGirl did a great job with the photo. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving too. I'd love to keep that carefree schedule everyday.


  2. Praying that little PJ is where she belongs SOON! Good photography must be genetic ;) PG did a fanTABulous job!

  3. GREAT photo of you two!!
    Praying, praying, praying for God to move those mountains!! I want so badly for that sweet bitty girl to be in your home forever!