Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Beautiful Baby!!!

PandaGirl has literally DEVOURED the first four Harry**Potter books and the first two movies.  She is a fabulous reader which is a huge accomplishment for her since at the beginning of first grade she scared me by not picking up on the skill very well then in the last six weeks of first grade she hit her stride and hasn't stopped.  She loves to read!! I can tell you that there was NO WAY I would have EVER read a book as thick as the HP ones in THIRD grade.  NONE.

This pic of her alongside the real ChoChang is brilliant and also shows just how gorgeous this girl is! I am so thankful for not just one beautiful daughter, but TWO.  Both girls are so stinkin' beautiful!!! I drool over their flawless brown skin since I have always struggled with my pasty white, freckled, always-burning-in-the-sun skin.  PandaJOY was a DARLING angel, which was all her own idea and she was to die for, too.  So blessed with these beauties!!

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  1. I thought both pictures were of your Zoe! She really is absolutely gorgeous!