Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tea Anyone?

When PandaGirl was three I started the tradition of going to a tearoom for her birthday and then purchasing a teacup so she could have her own collection of teacups when she got out on her own in the big world since one of her Chinese names means, tea.

The picture below is the cup PG chose today.  She is very dainty and loves girly, elegant, old world kinds of things.  The ones just below that are her collection so far.  The small blue one with the lid is actually from China (not the "made in china" kind, either.....I know that ran through your head!) and was a gift from my BFF to represent her first birthday since we didn't get to celebrate it with her. We are missing one year, though.  Last year our special guest (we have a special guest each year) was her Aunt Gi and we wasted time and didn't make it to an actual tearoom, but rather to the Cheesecake*Factory......then we never bought a cup for her 8th birthday, so that is still an adventure waiting to happen in search of that cup. I love her collection and want one of my own!

I started going to tea rooms around 1997-ish when my friends and I (and PandaPop!!!) discovered how fun it was to eat great food, drink out of beautiful or cute teacups and then go around the antique mall or store just browsing since most of the tea rooms I've been in are in such places.  PP and I have millions of memories going antiquing.  That was one of our pre-children past-times and I deeply miss it sometimes.  We never bought any fancy antiques, but we both love browsing through the old stuff and new junky stuff to see what we can see.  Those just are not the kind of places to take children.....and have fun.  It's mostly "don't touch that!" or "hang on, we'll be done in a minute.....". I even have a charm on my bracelet that is of an antique cash register just for the memories.

Though PG's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, we all set out today for a tearoom in our very own backyard, basically.  FABULOUS antique mall, too!!!! I have no idea who that little child with the pink hat on is. She just sat down with us.  However, when we were all looking around the store for PG's annual teacup purchase, that little one kept following us. Hmmm.

The food was delectable! PG & PP shared a turkey melt sandwich and tomato basil soup while I had the chicken salad on croissant with the same yummy tomato basil soup and that little pink hat girl asked if they'd make her own special noodles with butter.  They must have known her, because they complied.

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  1. What a fabulous tradition. I love the idea of special tea cups for your special girl. Beautiful pictures.