Saturday, October 22, 2011

This was the 3rd annual Pumpkin Party that my friend throws just for fun! I adore fall so much so this small gathering to carve pumpkins and eat fun fall foods is right up my alley.  Makes me wonder WHY I have never thought of doing before myself! Duh! Well, I'm just glad she does it, because she goes all out with the cute food as you'll see in the last collage. (Reckless, I missed you, greatly. )

I have THE MOST gorgeous and adorable pic of PandaJOY that I want to share, but the whole point of it is her beautiful little face and I just am not allowed to show that yet. Boo. Hopefully soon and very soon this whole appeal process will be over.  You can tell by the extra padding on my face that I've been dealing with all of the stress by eating. Yuck.  GOT TO LOSE WEIGHT! AHHHH!

This is a random side note, but you know how life just happens sometimes and you'd swear that if there were gods....they'd be against you?  Well, our entire summer was filled with that from gobs of money spent on vehicles and house repairs and it hasn't stopped.  It seems like one thing after another that sucks up extra money or just plain drives us crazy is always crashing through our door.  On the way to the party we stopped at a store that starts with W and ends in Mart for some pumpkin carving tools.  As PP was quickly getting into the car (can't go in the Tahoe because the air is still out and the temps were bleh!!!) he grabbed the door handle like any normal person would do and with his Incredible*Hulk strength ripped the metal covering of the door handle OFF.  Love my man's strength.  Really? The DOOR HANDLE?  So I had to crawl over and open the door from the inside.  Great times.  PP's jaw was CLENCHED the whole rest of the way to the party. Yikes.

The kids and a few of the grown-ups went on a hayless hayride....used blankets instead and that threw me back to when I went on real hayrides as a kid in the freezing cold weather.  Made me feel warm inside to think of it. After the ride the hosts put up a movie on their garage door with a projector.  Total fun for the kiddos.  PG & PJ gobbled up popcorn, sodas and more sweets.  They loved it!

My friend sent out on the invitation that we were to dress like lumberjacks and vintage flannel.  I read that about an hour before we were leaving and wanted to punch myself!! I am one to always go for the theme or dress up or something that is extra fun and would have totally gone and gotten a red plaid flannel shirt from the thrift store and been all lumberjack-y, but we had to settle for PandaPop's plaid shirts instead.  I think we still turned out cute, though.  It was hotter than expected. The past two years was a perfect coldness allowing us to wear coats and even a scarf or gloves.  Alas, this party was holding at 75 degrees at 8:30 pm.  Not so fallish, but fun none-the-less.  Happy Fall, Y'all!!!

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  1. What a fabulous party. I've been soaking up all the wonderful pictures. I can't wait until you can share your precious daughter's face.

    Thinking of you and your precious family.