Sunday, October 9, 2011

When The Cat's Away....

....the naughty little girls will play!!

How blessed I am to have PandaPop and his ability to work all day and then come home to care for the girls when I need to do a photo shoot.  I have quite a few to do in October and November and can't wait for them!! I had a few in September just to get the creative shutter-bug juices flowing (that sounds funny to say bug juices flowing).

For several years I wore nail polish that was a metallic cappuccino color that I purchased for 99¢. Of course, any time we girls find something that just "fits" us the company stops making it.  Has that happened to you?  I loved this color and wore it for a long time.  I got in the mood to try and find something like it and this is what I came up with.  Though it says copper penny, it really looks more gold than anything.  It's fun for a fall treat and change of pace.

The girls LOVED it, especially PG since GOLD, not yellow, but shiny g-o-l-d is her favorite color.  Right before I left for my shoot I painted their nails and toenails (kinda hard to do on PG since she gnaws each to the bone basically meaning that I painted her skin).

Yay.....we're all happy and bouncy because we look cute in our gold polish.

I leave for my shoot.

I come home to the dog spinning in the living room floor, PandaPop chasing him with the look of rage on his face, one child (the little bitty one) is crying in time-out and the bigger guilty party is crouched in a chair staring straight ahead.

I hate that this happened while I was gone, but it helps PP see how quickly it can go from the hills are alive with the sound of music to honey, I blew up the kids in nothin' flat.

He is a great Mr. Mom, but after he told me what happened I had to giggle.  Well, after I read the girls their Miranda Rights.

Apparently, PandaGirl wanted to repaint her own nails so she

You can see where this is going.

Who copies everything PG does?


That child will certainly be the death of me.

PandaJOY fears nothing and thinks that if there is something to be experienced then, she too, will experience.  If no one helps her.....she will take care of that herself.

She got the polish, too.

The counter was covered, I was told and her ladybug pajamas now sparkle with metallic gold splotches.

The bathroom reeked of nail polish remover.

All was cleaned up by the time I made it home but the kicker is that this all happened after PP got them out of the bath, dried, fresh clothes, etc.

Then she tee-teed in her panties...right in front of the potty.

God bless my Man.


  1. I'm just waiting for a bad nail polish experiment at our house too. Emma is infamous for doing her nails every day and leaving things out. Knock on wood that Josie hasn't created a crime scene yet.

  2. Cute story! Isn't it nice when the boys get a real dose of what mommas go through? ;-)

    The furniture in my 5-year-old's room must be arranged in a very particular way to cover her DEEP RED nail polish stain. The booger climbed the bathroom cabinet to get the nail polish out of the medicine cabinet. Ironically, she had her piggies painted perfectly and only dropped the bottle on the carpet when I caught and startled her!