Monday, August 3, 2009

Aloha, White Swans!

Last Friday we were blessed by being with our old playgroup, The White Swans. We hadn't seen them in well over a year. It was the Hawaiian Hula Birthday Party for one of our friends so the girls were all done up in these darling hula skirts and ready to party! LOVED being with these friends, but terribly missed MommySpice and SpicyGirl not being there. It was so crazy seeing how all the girls have GROWN!! There were about three or four new members of the playgroup that I didn't know, but all that mattered to me was catching up with my girls and their girls. So much fun and so many fabulous memories with this group!

These cuties got in a little pool time as well. I was so irritated at myself when I realized that I'd left PG's swimsuit laying on my bed at hour away. PG was able to borrow one from her friend, but it was a wee bit too small and she HATES exposing her belly button. ; )

The darling decorations were perfect for our little dark-haired, almond-eyed beauties! The little hula girl on the napkins and plates looked JUST like our daughters!! I'm just sad I didn't find it first! LOL!! ; )

You were SOOOO missed MommySpice and SpicyGirl!!


  1. What fun! The girls are just darling (the Mom's look pretty cute too). How nice that you could get together again. Traveling alone to get Josie made us feel so isolated. Maybe that's why I love my adoptive blogging Mommies so much. Hugs!!

  2. I missed y'all so much too! And I hate that S.G. and I are not in that Mommy/Daughter picture!! I'm so glad y'all had fun though!!

  3. What a bunch of cutie pies! Looks like good fun!!

  4. I think these are some of the (sweet) remembrances that the book of Philippinas talks about. So glad you have them.

    Things getting back to normal on the homefront? Did you get my email? Love you!