Friday, September 4, 2009

40 Minus 1

Happy Birthday, Me.


I have loved every one of my birthdays.

I always celebrate and tell everyone that is, indeed my birthday.

This year's seems kind of weird.

Not sure why.


I posted those words last night and fully expected to see them this morning. However, I forgot to actually PRE-post them so they didn't show up. Good thing. My Bible just had some words in it that spoke some Life into me.

Thank You, Lord, for being 39!!!
Thank You for:
*My parents who had me and love me
*My marriage and my HOT husband who completely adores me & tells and shows me often
*My beautiful daughter who is more than I ever could have dreamed up on my own even when she drives me batty! LOL!
*My wonderful in-laws who treat me like their daughter, not an in-law
*My brother and his family
*My home and all its fun decor and the richness of Your Spirit there
*My amazing friends all over the world who have richly blessed my heart
*My health, though I feel REALLY addicted to sugar and can't seem to get that out of me! GRRRR!
*My dark chocolate Plumsweets
*My church, the staff we serve with and the freedom to worship without the threat of death
*My fluffy, ol' lumpy, grumpy cat.
*My scrapbooks
*My charm bracelet
*My sense of humor
*My rides in the Jeep with the top down with my two favorite people
*My iPod and treadmill
*My fun little job teaching music to preschoolers
*My Fuze and my Fraps
*My Computer
*My undying love for fall and pumpkins
*My deep desire for more children that You are working on as I type
*My day to not have to sit at the funeral of my little girl like a friend at church will today who's long-time sick daughter is no longer sick, but is sitting in Jesus' lap
*My 39th Birthday
Thank You.


  1. Happy Birthday, you YOUNG thing! We're celebrating my husband's 41st on Sunday. Sounds like celebrations all around!!


  2. It only gets better from here--you've got some awesome stuff coming down the pike, so I'm sure this year is going to be a thrill for real! You & your stories are an inspiration ;)

  3. Happy birthday!! Praying this is your best and most blessed year yet!

  4. Greatest of blogs...wisdom & heart!

    The BEST is YET to Come....just you wait and see.

    Believe it or not...You ARE young, both by years and attitude, and each year hereafter will simply PROVE God's reasoning for blessing you with... further life, love & MORE of His awesome gifts. :-D


  5. My Cyberfriend--I have been thinking about you every day since you posted this on your birthday because I was totally intrigued about what Plumsweets were ;) I had just discovered chocolate craisins and thought they were the bomb, and THEN, I went scrounging around the grocery store looking for dark chocolate plumbsweets...and have about been making myself sick on them ever since. LOVE them ;)