Friday, September 18, 2009

I Heart the Library

One of my favorite places to go is our local library. It is so soothing. Though I am a girl who likes to always have music playing in the car and at home, there is something wonderful about the hushed muffled almost padded sound of the library that just says my name. I wish I had the time to stay the entire day long searching for whatever I wanted to and then sit and sit and sit in those big puffy chairs looking out at the blue sky with green trees or the falling rain or the wintry sky through the GINORMOUS three story floor to ceiling curved glass window while not reading whatever wonderful book was in my possession.


I adore the children's section. It has to be one of the best around!! Recently remodeled in the past few years, it boasts a funky, cool convex ceiling right in the middle of the HUGE section that is one of those echo thingies. I'd say it is about 25 feet in diameter. When you walk under it you can whisper, but your voice is magnified a gazillion times while within that convexed area yet no one outside of that area can really hear stays muffled. Very scientific and cool. On the top of that the ceiling it is lighted with rich changing colors that swirl all around. I always make my way through whispering something, anything to PandaGirl just so we can giggle. Flip flops sound really silly through the middle of it. When we finally get that out of our system, we head separate ways and I can get lost amid the gobs of picture books, what's new, non-fiction---all of it. We always walk away with more than our two bags can carry.

Now that we will be homeschooling, I'm quite sure we'll be able to spend even more time there. Fine by me.


  1. As a former librarian, I heart the library too. Have a super weekend. Curl up with a few good books.

  2. I can't describe what the crinkly sound of a children's book cover does to me, as it opens.

    I walk the aisle, and run my fingers along the titles, in a very creepy way.

    OH, and the "new book" cart toward the front ... ooohhhhhhhhh.

    I have it bad.

  3. I was just in our school library yesterday checking out gobs of books for Spicy Girl and I to read all weekend. I am back to truly appreciating the weekends again!! Have you already started homeschooling? I know you're doing stuff on Monday.