Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Head Explosion & Thumper

Yes, it's true. My head just about exploded today. In the car line at school. For the 8th day I have watched Miss Bleach Blond with super-duper long fingernails and super-duper tanned skin fly in on two wheels of her large black SUV as she parks smack in the middle of everyone in order to pick up her darling child. NOT in a parking space, mind you. No, no, THAT would be too easy to follow the rules or plain good manners. "Let's park in the row and block other people just so I can do what I please." Please forgive the obvious sarcasm in my tone. The selfish--self-centered--oblivious to anyone else but herself--woman has just about caused my early death.

I don't know why that kind of behavior just makes my blood boil, but it does. Speaking of boiling blood, why don't I just confess how terribly hateful PandaPop and I get towards other drivers? Oh yes. The minister and his wife have quite acidic tongues when "those" drivers pull their stupid stunts: pull RIGHT in front of us as if no one were coming their way and then go 10-20 miles under the posted speed limit, those oblivious people who really have no reason at all to have a license to drive, those people who are so incredibly selfish and MUST pull over RIGHT NOW no matter that they were inches from clipping our vehicle, those people who are clueless to any traffic laws, those people who TEXT with. both. hands. while driving, those people who shove their way into wherever they darn-well please, those people who......

You get the picture. I do believe The Enemy has gotten ahold of us two carnal beings and we have allowed PandaDemons to take over the driver's seat.

Possibly you are thinking that since we are the two common denominators in these situations that maybe WE are the problem. NO. It happens all the time and we are dumbfounded by the commonality of "those people" BUT, we can change how we react to said individuals on the road.

I found scripture yesterday that made me rethink how to behave in the car when things happen to my utter shock and dismay on a daily basis:

"When they hurled their insults at him [Jesus], he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to Him who judges justly." 1 Peter 2: 23

I am in NO WAY aligning the Pandas behavior with Jesus' perfect life. However, our reaction in the car should be either positive or silent. I was figuring that PandaGirl is only hearing negative, awful toned voices in the car and will certainly pick up on it and continue that yuck filled behavior. NOT a good example for our daughter. So, this picture came to mind....


"If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all."

I can hardly handle the double negatives in that statement, but that little bunny is so darn cute when telling what his daddy's rule is that I can overlook it. I think my Daddy's rule is about the same. His Word is best and will bring out the best in me. In us. Sooooo, from now on, with lots of prayer, instead of getting all wound up, spewing venom out and being ugly at stupid...I mean less-than-courteous drivers.....PP and I will just resort to saying, "Thumper" and be done with it.



  1. LOL. Been there, done that...A great lesson for us all...

    Good luck with it. ;)

    BTW....WHERE do you find all your cute pictures to illustrate JUST the right point? I love it.

  2. Good lesson for us all. I made a vow that I would keep WORK at WORK because I tend to get very negative about work when I'm home and I don't want the girls to associate work as being bad. I'm starting to fall back into my bad habits. Thanks for the reminder.

    Enjoy this upcoming 3 day weekend!!

  3. LOVE the new layout! So pretty!!!

  4. Congratulations! Goal and point well made...and my prayers for your success, you'll need em. lol because I totally agree! Cute blog & new formatting. And love that rose!

  5. that is such a good point and one all of us could learn from. Thanks for the reminder! And for the honesty. I think that most of us get that way because of other people ugly behavior on the road. Thumper! Great code word! love ya!