Monday, September 14, 2009

Am I the Only One?

Is The Pioneer Woman really a REAL person?

Honestly, I feel like a complete and utter loser when looking at this woman's life.

(Ms. Drummond, if you should happen to read this, I REALLY don't mean any disrespect towards you).

Please, by no means, am I bashing her. Just the opposite. I think she is amazing. I have no idea about her spiritual life, but as for the rest of her.....I think I find myself a a lot jealous.

Downright covetous.

Have you visited her blog?
*It is so visually appealing.
*She has gobs of recipes in her cooking SECTION.
* She has a wonderfully organized and deliciously painted homeschooling room, in the Homeschooling SECTION, that makes me drool with lust for it.
*She has a lovely and creative Home and Garden SECTION.
*She lives in the country on a dream.
*She has darling kids, a rugged hubby and she is just gorgeous herself.
*Her photography SECTION is second to none. The woman knows her stuff backwards and forwards with a camera and photos and has time to do amazing things with them.
*Clearly she knows how to maneuver "HTML" and all kinds of computer stuff since her website is so darn amazing.
*Did I mention she homeschools her FOUR children, too?

All this and HORSES, too?



Don't get me wrong. I know I am so blessed and I am not complaining about all that the Lord has so graciously given me in my life.
I am truly curious as to HOW all this is accomplished...daily.

Does this woman have more hours in her day than I do? Does she sleep....ever? Is there a walk-by pump of caffeine that she swigs throughout the day in order to stay pumped and motivated to accomplish all that she does and then has the TIME to post it all on her site?

Someone help me with this 'cause SURELY I'm not the only girl "out there" who feels this way.


Someone help me out here...the jealousy is killing me.


  1. I have read her love story (took me a day!) and I feel the same way you do. Her website is awesome and I would love the life she has, with all the horses and such! So don't feel badly. You are just as accomplished in many, many things! And at times, I feel the greeneyed monster creeping up on me when I read your blog! Love ya girl!

  2. Were we separated at birth???? Oh, Jana, I feel that way about so many things in the blog world which is kind of why I just can't hang out there as much anymore. It hurts too bad, sometimes. Not to sound like a whiner, but I have always wanted to have one thing I am really good at to know it. Sadly, I have yet to find that one thing and it wears on me almost daily. I am a good speller but that's not going to sound that cool during a funeral. I really am perplexed and often jealous when I see all these blogs with these women who are so gifted and talented in so many areas. I mean if you're going to be an excellent photographer, can't they be a terrible decorator or cook or something??? I truly think this is how Satan attacks us as women or at least me. He taunts me with blogs with beautiful pictures and houses and experiences and says, "Lisa you know you want all this, you know you're not good enough, you know you want more from life, being a good friend isn't enough, working on the Fruit of the Spirit isn't enough..." This is not at all to take away from what gifts and talents these many women have and display and share. I just hate how Satan chips away at my faith through this venue.

    While I've never felt jealous of you, I always really admire you and respect you. You keep it real and I LOVE that. You're funny, beautiful, you share your faith in such an awesome way, and I love everything you bring to the table. I know you're super talented and gifted but you're also really humble when you share those gifts.

    Thanks for always keeping it real.

    Lots of love~

  3. OK. You crack me up, who doesn't feel this way when looking at someone else? We see what we want, but I want to discuss this with you via email or phone.

    I do love her blog and go to it often. She has a sense of humor that draws me as well as when I'm looking for a great recipe. (Can't wait to get my hands on her new cookbook.)

  4. She's bringing out a cookbook too????!!! OF COURSE!!!! Seriously though, you are so funny, I laughed out loud at the first line of your post!

    Yes, the temptation of jealously is all around, I constantly have to keep myself in check, or rather God keeps ME in check! :)

  5. It gets better. She's a believer, and her husband took her two daughters on a Compassion International trip to the Dominican Republic.

    This woman is unbelievable.

    But think of all the things you could get done if you lived in the middle of nowhere and had to go 30 minutes just to get to the grocery store.

    We could all be her if our circumstances were the same as hers...

  6. I'm right there with ya girls! She is UH-MAZ-ING!

  7. Very funny...I went out to the blog and started to get hives, so I came back here to tell you that you are perfectly perfect just the way you are...I think you are pretty darn fantabulous! I know that I don't really need to tell you that there is no need for any of us to compare ourselves to anyone else! An idea that we've been discussing with the girls...we are all precious in His sight!

  8. I just always find myself wondering what it is that she DOESN'T do well. I know it's in there. She just doesn't let us see it! Love her site, but nobody can do everything.

  9. I can't believe I spent 4 hours of last night/this morning reading her love story! I was up until midnight (which is super late for me). I didn't know about her blog until your post, and now I've been sucked in... ;)

  10. If you became her then can I become you??!!

    If you became her then who would be Miss Scarlet??

    If you became her then I would miss you terribly!!

    Love you just the way you are my Southern Sister!!

  11. ok, I admit it. I read her blog and have a little bit of an envy problem as well, but let me let you in on a dirty little secret...

    she gets behind on her laundry constantly ; )

    does that make her a bit more human to ya? I know it makes me feel better. it reminds me we all have our dirty little laundry (pun intended)and no one is perfect.

    Smile Jana, you have an incredible life with an incredible husband who loves you dearly and a daughter who completely adores you. You have a pretty perfect life too : )