Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Camp 2010-1

We always leave on Sunday afternoon for camp with an "early crew" to get everything set up and ready for the campers to arrive on Monday. PandaGirl has her friend along as a companion and the other two girls are other staff kids. Our wild & precious friend who has blessed us with goodie baskets for the last four years of camp thought it would be a brilliant idea to give darling little bottles of fingernail polish to PG and her friend.

You can see where this is going.

I felt totally confident to leave to room for a bit because PG is used to her Daddy and I having to run around at church doing things while she occupies herself. The other two staff kids are little, but their mom lets them roam as well. However, we moms both thought that the other was going to be peeking her head in shortly.

Apparently shortly wasn't quite short enough. I walk in to the powerful smell of nail polish. When I left I knew PG and her friend has already done their fingers and toes, but I thought they were done.

It seems that the little one the bed wanted hers done, too so PG tried to accomplish the task.


I look down to see smeared RED polish on the comforter. Not so bad, it kinda blended in to the print on the fabric. Then I see a white washcloth covered in blood....I mean red polish smears as well as the 3x3 size white box that connects the wires to the wall and the base of PandaPop's Mac laptop!!! Not only that, but the white cloth was WET and just resting on the PLUGGED in white box. PG tried to clean the polish with water.

Note to self: teach PG that polish and water don't mix. Nor do water and electricity.

Oh my word.

One part of me freaked out over the whole water/electricity part but the polish part of the incident made me giggle at how young we girls start with pampering ourselves and our friends!

More pics to come!



  1. holy moly!! where did you get the duffle in the pic - WANT ONE!!:-)

  2. What?! No pictures of the polish debacle ;) Sweet memories!

  3. Looks like lots of fun. Keep the pics coming.