Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday.....PJ

What an interesting day.

Today is PandaJoy's 2nd birthday. So weird to think that IF she comes to us permanently then we will have missed this significant milestone. If she does not ever come to us again then this little one will have had some loving prayers said on her behalf.

We were actually supposed to be doing respite with her for the foster family this week and would have had her FOR her birthday, but since the whole strep thing and believing that she is the strep carrier that has provoked my flare ups, then I couldn't risk another bout of strep before children's camp next week. So....we thought it was best for someone else to do the respite care for the foster family.

That was a hard decision to have to make.

Anyway, we are very much at peace with whatever comes of this situation. If she does, indeed, come to be our number 4 in the PandaFam then we will celebrate her 2nd matter the date! LOL!!

Besides.....I already bought Princess Tiana napkins and darling purple and sage paisley plates. They'll need to be used. ; )


  1. Please know that I'm thinking and praying for your family. Hugs!

  2. Happy birthday to li'l PJoy!