Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Camp 2010-2


We have an AWESOME and AMAZING group of volunteers that take time out of their lives to spend it with children for a whole week! We had an absolute blast together!!

::The cute blingy heart-camo hat was made for me by Wild & Precious.
::The dolls on sticks were the spirit awards each day for the boy & girl teams who won the challenge. By the end of the week the poor things had been through the wringer.

--I know the 6th grade boys were all about NOT getting to win the "doll", but came around when they actually won and got to tote Camo Clark (which later turned into Combat Charlie, I think).

--The girls.....the girls became a little wild about Camo Cami whom the 6th grade girls decided to tattoo her arm, remove her other arm, add things to her in ways I'm not sure a doll should experience and wholesomely gave her the name Pole-dance Polly, to which I put an abrupt end to. I hope my teaching them in Bible Study for the past year has done a little more for their growth and well-being than their name attaching ability has proven. Sweet Jesus. The 3rd grade girls cried when Polly.....I mean Cami had her arm ripped off. Little darlings.

::Below on the long table we had lots of snacks for the adult volunteers in our "green room"...had nothing to do with the green camo stuff. A green room is a term used for TV & movie studios, radio shows, stage acting, etc. for the people to relax in when not performing. We've always provided a place of respite for the adults to gather. Funny things happen in that little kitchen.

::PandaPop had dog tags made for everyone with our church's name on to go along with their name tags. Very fun to have at Boot Camp.

::PP really worked his tail off last week, as usual, and I am so blessed to be his wife!! He really didn't camp out on stage all week on the cot, but I walked in during a time of explaining the next event to the kids and couldn't find him. Surprise! He found the perfect spot to listen to instructions!

::Also interesting that we actually had three different camp shirts this week. It made it all flow together with the many kinds of camo represented.

::As "cute" as all of this camo stuff was.....I am so very thankful for true military people who wear this gear all the time in rough and horrible conditions for my freedom. I do not take that lightly.



  1. I love how involved and dedicated the group is. What a cool week for your campers.

  2. OH, I miss camp! Looks like such fun!!

  3. Looks like an awesome camp!!! wow!! I'm sure panda girl will remember this forever!

  4. I need a boot camp collage. the only problem is that you are not in the pictures.