Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Little Chapel


There it stands with the white wooden walls draped in the lush green of the trees around it. Beautiful stained wooden doors and a little pond are the icing on the cake. The enormous old, huge trees take my breath away.

Not the trees in the pic. No, no. The other trees are five times that size and filled with years and years of growth.


It's my little chapel that I pass many times in a week on my way to Target*, Wal*Mart or Hobby*Lobby.

Sitting quaintly behind it's larger, more modern brick sister church, the chapel woos me to it no matter the season. There is nothing fancy about it, rather I am drawn to the simplicity of it. No matter if the trees are lush green in spring, delicate summer blossoms, magnificent with a fall palette or no leaves at all in the dead of winter....I still love it.

This is where I parked my car to just breathe.


Staring and wondering the day after we had to take Little Guy back to the foster system last November. This is the first place I thought of as a physical respite for myself. This place is gentle to my eyes and they needed something other than the hurt oozing from our home to focus on for awhile and to regroup.

I'm tellin' ya....it those Small Hours that mean so very much to me.
I love my little chapel.


  1. what an amazing image you paint next to the beautiful picture you took. we all need places where we can breathe and rest.

  2. Just beautiful. I can see why you would want to visit. You can't help but relax when you are in that kind of setting.

  3. I had a similar place I went during the years I was praying for a husband. Years later, I took him back to this spot, took a picture, and have it hanging in our front room to remind me of God's goodness and faithfulness. Thanks for sharing your "special spot".

  4. Truly a sanctuary.

    We all need sanctuary, don't we?

    Thank you for sharing this insight into your heart. I miss you and yours dearly. Hug PP and PG and tell them for me, will you?